Monday, June 30, 2014

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For years, people killed each other in the name of religion. Looking backward, you may conclude that a world with this huge mixture of cultures cannot survive. I, sometimes, have the same doubts. Lebanon is a country with over than 19 religious sects. In 1975, we experienced our first civil war, a war mostly based on religious conflicts, and until now, Lebanon is still fighting hard to survive.

Should we lost faith? Should we retreat and claim surrender? Should we consider a mixed culture country as a dream?

If you think so, you have to read this.

In Berlin, a rabbi, an imam and a pastor have a unique dream: to build a common place of worship for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Called the "House of the One," this place is open to everyone. It would be a place where the faithful of the three monotheistic religions can practice their faith together.
The architecture of this plan should reflect the great message “Respect the particularity of each religion, while promoting mutual recognition.” The house of one will be composed of a single large room, divided into three equal spaces: the mosque, church and synagogue. Each space will be designed to match the needs and particularities of each religion. This project is the first of it is kind and it shows that religions could coexist without having to fight.

Respecting others and accepting the difference between us are things we failed to do for years. Let us take Lebanon as an example. Although we live within the same borders, Christians and Muslims do not really live together. We live in adjacent cities maybe streets creating culture borders that prohibit us from building a one united country. I am not sure that a “Lebanese house of God” would fix our eternal problems, however it might be a step in a journey of thousand miles. Praying in the same place will help people from different background to meet, chat and build human relationships. It will shorten the distance between them and make them used to coexistence.

All around the world, Religious conflicts have been killing people, leaving them homeless and shaping their live by fear. The difference in ethnicity and race would become a great treasure instead of being a great problem if we accept each other. “The house of one” is a beautiful and peaceful idea, and I wish the world would take lessons from the three men who were behind it.


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Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Desigual has always been a weird clothes shop. A quick look at any of its storefronts is enough to make you feel out of space.With no scale, no rule and a bit of craziness, Desigual designers created a shop with a unique character.

However, it seems that Desigual did not feel satisfied by being distinctive in clothes design, and went crazier organizing a seminaked contest.

Yes, you heard me right. Desigual Seminaked contest “you arrive in our stores in underwear and leave dressed for free”.
The first 100 arrives used to be the Lucky ones, but in the latest contest that happened in Paris, the event organizers decided to make the game fairer. All the participants had to apply to the contest online, and then they had to get in front of a jury that decided the 100 lucky participants.

Although such events are a bit far from our culture, but I guess it would be fun to see people contesting to have the original seminaked outfit?

I do not guess Desigual will organize a similar event in any Arabic country, but if so would you apply to it?

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

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I still remember the thrill I used to feel, every Saturday morning, while waiting to watch one of Disney’s movies. Standing in front of the television, focusing on the beautiful colorful scenes combined with the adequate music, and feeling extremely involved in the story are things I could never forget.

Years passed by and I always wondered what is the secret behind Disney? Why am I still enjoying the same stories told repeatedly?
Maleficent gave me the answer!

In one of the scenes, “Maleficent (the fairy) was betrayed by the only man she loved and trusted. She wakes up, in the morning, in the middle of the forest feeling different, and weaker. Her face down on the dirt, she is barely able to move, and she feels confused, angry, and devastated. Her lover has stolen her winks to become the king.”  As pure and childish these lines seem, this scene gave me the same impression a rape scene might give.

Photo credits: Movies Fanatic

Maleficent was betrayed, left neglected, and raped. This is the message we, grownups, get. However, this is not what children grasp from this scene. Disney was smart enough to give each of its spectators the story he wanted to hear.
Let me give you more examples.

“Cinderella was so happy dancing with the prince that she almost forgot what the fairy godmother had said. At the last moment, Cinderella remembered her fairy godmother’s words and she rushed to go home. “Oh! I must go!” she cried and ran out of the palace. One of her glass slippers came off but Cinderella did not turn back for it.”

Do you remember this? Let me surprise you a bit more. One of the most famous interpretation of Cinderella’s missing shoes takes it as a symbol of the missing virginity!

Many rumors circulated about Frozen’s Queen Elsa being a gay girl.
“Elsa shows no romantic longings like her sister Anna, is born different, and told to "conceal it, do not feel it" which results in her rejecting being "the good girl you always have to be" during the Oscar-winning song Let It Go.”

Disney addresses in all of its movies both children and grownups by adding some embedded hints and messages that only an adult mind can grasp.
So to all those of think that Disney’s movies are for kids, I guess you have to consider watching one of them… Believe me, Disney never failed to surprise me.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

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Please check our TOP 5 Goals in World Cup 2014 first round!
This video was prepared by Chitiktik Chiti3a. So please be our guest and give us your own top 5 goals :D

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

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Two days ago, during the world cup match between Italy and Uruguay, Luis Suarez bit the Italian player Giorgio Chiellini.

FIFA started an investigation on Wednesday to clarify this accident and today Luis Suarez was charged in the biting accident.

Luis Suárez will be suspended for nine matches and banned for four months from any football-related activity

To read FIFA's Decision.

If you watched this game, you would know that FIFA's decision came too late.

Although this decision may look fair and very strict but we all know that it is not fair to the Italian team.
In this same match, the judge committed two big mistakes. First, he gave a red card to "Claudio Marchisio" without a clear reason and second he turned his eyes on  Luis Suarez bite.

I am not an expert on Football Rules, but I have never understood why the judges don't simply use the instant replay!

The integrity of FIFA was always dubious. It is not the first time that a judge mistake changes the fate of a team. This case should raise questions whether this "mistake" was intended or not and how much such "mistakes" could be monitored by FIFA to control the results of the matches.


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Olalla Oliveros, a Spanish model and actress, has surprised the world lately when she joined the order of Saint Micheal as a nun.
"The Lord is never wrong. He asked if I will follow him, and I could not refuse," Oliveros said.
Olalla is not the only model-turned nun and I don't think she will be the last. I find it hard to understand her decision, however I can't but respect her great courage and faith.


Photo Credits : The Christian Post 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It is really sad how Arabs successful women are treated.

Bothaina Kamel, an Egyptian television anchor and politician, is now the "talk of the town" just because her bra appeared accidentally while broadcasting the newscast.

Bothaina Kamel was Egypt's first female presidential candidate, and she is one of the founders of Shayfeencom

Last may, She was suspended from her work in the Egyptian Television after wearing a crescent and Christian cross necklace. After yesterday's scandal, she is now accused of dressing inappropriately and her career's faith is threaten again . 

Bothaina Kamel deserves our respect and support. 

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Monday, June 23, 2014

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The huge enthusiasm has been building since the release of its teaser trailer several months ago.
"The Fault In Our Stars” fan were waiting impatiently for the movie release and at the same time, the fear was within: Will the movie do any justice to the book?

(First of all let’s agree on one rule before you go watch it: Tissues; lots of tissues. You have to be fully packaged, if not for your sake then for whoever sits beside you, they may need your supply.)
After the appearance of Shailene Woodley ( Hazel Grace) and Ansel Elgrot ( Gus) in this year’s Divergent, all fans were already familiar with their faces and expecting a good acting due to their promising performance.  (The fact that in Divergent they were siblings adds some awkwardness to imagine them as lovers here.)
And indeed they were even beyond expectations.

The movie opens with Hazel Grace lying on the grass and retrieving her memories (unlike the book). Hazel is a teenage girl diagnosed with terminal stage lung cancer. Dealing with cancer is tragic enough; adding a young age to that element created the mother of all dramas.  She gives us a general idea about her routine boring life; that is until Agustus appears.

The romance builds up a few minutes after the movie starts in a peaceful, lovely manner; you could almost feel the love between the characters.
Woodley along with her partner Elgrot give a performance much deeper and stronger than that of their previous movie. They were capable of performing intense emotional scenes that evoked the viewer’s sensation; it is like the characters were built for them.

Cancer patients are patients with just a few more cells than normal, however they want to be capable of doing everything with no discrimination from other people of the same age group; they want to prove to themselves this point even if it meant to endure some pain. They want to love, hate, laugh and move about just like any other kid with a normal cell count.

The movie takes you on a two-hour journey to see the world through their eyes; what they have to go through most of their period of sickness , the over protective parents  for example and most of all the critical choices they have to take no matter how painful.

Would you trade you eyes for your life if you had retinoblastoma? To lose your sight forever just to end the disease? Would you trade your legs, not to walk again, just to go on breathing? Or would you mind walking around carrying your oxygen tank, your ticket of survival, wherever you go?
Would you even mind having a relationship with a cancer diagnosed patient, knowing that any moment, and without any warning, all what you built will come tumbling down?

They live through this in real life; the movie doesn’t fail to remind us that someone, somewhere in this vast universe, has a far much bigger problem then what to dress to wear for dinner.
Cancer patients are the stars with one fault: their genetic mutation, never-the-less that doesn’t stop them from shining “they are still stars”.

The script is so wonderfully written, least to be said since it is written by the book’s author John Green where several phrases said would linger there in your brain, refusing to go. (Such as describing terminal cancer patients as a grenade, unknown when it would blow up and injure not only itself but all those around it).

This movie was worth watching and lucky enough, it doesn’t disappoint the book fans that have been impatiently waiting for it.

Soundtrack :4/5
Plot: 5/5
Performance: 4/5
Directing: 4/5
Rating :4.25/5

Mustafa Mustafa

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

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لا أعرف بأي كلماتٍ أصف حجم الخطأ الذي ارتكبته أيها الراعي.
فأنت لم تكتفي فقط باتهام العلمانية بتهديد "العائلة اللبنانية" لكنك وضعتها في نفس الخانة مع التطرف…
ولا أعتقد أنها هفوة لسان!
فكيف تعطي لنفسك الحق في إهانة أناسٍ لم يقدموا يوماً على أذية لبنان؟ كيف تساوي بينهم وبين القتلة الذين يتآمرون على أرواح البشر؟  هل نسيت أن تلك الدول التي يتوافد سفراؤها عليك والتي تقرر مصيرنا هي علمانية النظام؟ هل تستضيف في بكركي هؤلاء الكفرة وتجالسهم وتستمع لهم وهم يخبرونك ماذا سيفعلون بعائلتك الحبيبة؟

دعني أخبرك يا سيادة البطرك ماذا تعني العلمانية... العلمانية” تعني اصطلاحاً فصل المؤسسات الدينية عن السلطة السياسية، وقد تعني أيضاً عدم قيام الحكومة أو الدولة بإجبار أي أحد على اعتناق وتبني معتقد أو دين أو تقليد معين لأسباب ذاتية غير موضوعية. كما تكفل الحق في عدم اعتناق دين معيّن وعدم تبني دين معيّن كدين رسمي للدولة. وبمعنى عام فإن هذا المصطلح يشير إلى الرأي القائل بأن الأنشطة البشرية والقرارات وخصوصًا السياسية منها يجب أن تكون غير خاضعة لتأثير المؤسسات الدينية." 

لا أعتقد أنه يوم اندلعت الحرب الأهلية في لبنان كانت العلمانية هي السبب، كما لا أعتقد أن نظاماً مبنياً على الحصص الطائفية قد يحمي لبنان أكثر من نظامٍ علماني يكفل المساواة بين أبناء هذا الوطن الصغير.
لا أعتقد أن بناءة دولةٍ على أساس الكفاءة لا الدين، دولةٍ حيث الفرد ينتمي لبلده لا لطائفته، يهدد لبنان...

لكني أفهمك أيها الراعي. فكيف لا تحمي النظام الذي أعطى لموقعك القوة، كيف لا تقف في وجه علمانيةٍ قد تسلب منك ومن بكركي كل السلطة...
نعم أنا أفهمك. فمنذ الأزل لم يكتفي رجال الدين بالتنسك والصلاة. فكيف ستتقبل أنت أو سواك من أرباب الدين هذا اليوم الذي ستعودون فيه إلى صفوف الشعب العادي وتتخلون عن كل تلك الأمجاد التي اعطتكم اياها السياسة؟

العلمانية يا سيادة البطرك تميز بشكلٍ واضح بين التطرف والدين. تحترم الآخر وتسعى للحفاظ على العائلة اللبنانية التي عجزتم أنتم عن صونها. 
العلمانية يا سيادة البطرك تعمل بقول السيد المسيح "أعطوا ما لقيصر لقيصر، وما لله لله". أم تراك نسيته؟


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Saturday, June 21, 2014

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For months, the World Cup has been in the “top News”. All the newspapers were preoccupied with the preparation and the latest updates of Football. Every small detail, in this huge event, was studied deeply and profoundly. The private sexual life of players was not an exception.

Despite how awkward it may seem, some team managers banned their players from having sex during the world cup.

We will not be looking for sex or having sex at the World Cup just to have it, we are going to go after what we came for, a competition that gives us the opportunity to rise above and do something really great,” declared Mexican national team coach Miguel Herrera.

Brazilian manager Luiz Felipe Scolari, who in 2002 imposed a sexual ban over his player, allowed his players to have sex during the 2014 world cup “but no acrobatic stuff.”

Therefore, the question is “how does sex affect athletic performance?

In 2000, the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine published a study titled   “Does Sex the Night Before Competition Decrease Performance? that ended up concluding that sexual activities had no detrimental influence on physiological capability. However, no clear decision was made regarding  the psychological impact of sex over the players.
The researchers insisted also that a lot depends on the individual: "The performance of some people will improve with sex the night before competition and the performance of others will be hindered”.

Deciding whether to allow or ban sex may be a turning point for the players’ performance. Let us hope that the coaches are taking good decisions for the sake of their teams.

PS: Here’s The List Of Which Of The 32 World Cup Teams That Can And Can’t Have Sex.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Dear ISF,

Your tweet today was a perfect example on how much the institution of the internal security forces hides corruption.

Just to let you know, you cannot arrest two people without their identification papers under the charge of Homosexuality.

What kind of sexual life adult people are leading is not your responsibility? Go find true criminals instead of arresting homosexuals! How is it possible to let this kind of "institutions" rule us?
shame on you!

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Do you know what makes Lebanon so special? It is this beautiful mixture of cultures.
Why some people are trying hard to change the identity of this country?
Respecting others is a golden rule! Everyone is free to fast or not and everyone  is free to eat in public or not!

Photo credits: stop cultural terrorism in Lebanon

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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The internet users woke up today to find many urgent invitations to report a page: עד שהנערים חוזרים - בכל שעה במחבל יורים (Until the boys are back, every hour we shoot a terrorist). What is it about?

This page encourages people to execute Palestinians – called “terrorists” by the page owners and admins – until 3 Israeli boys get home:  Naftali Frankel, Eyal Yifrah (both 16) and Gilad Shaer (19). By posting pictures of their targets, the page pushes its fans to settle things the archaic way: an eye for an eye.

The shameful page, liked by almost 18 971 people driven by hatred and revenge, is being reported and criticized by many Facebook users who considered it: a “despicable murdering scum”, an “absolutely despicable Neo-Nazi behavior”, a “vile Facebook page”, a sign of “apartheid, genocide, occupation”, etc.

Until now, despite all the efforts to report the page, Facebook hasn’t found that it “violates (its) community standards” and therefore have declined all reports by users as demonstrated in the picture below:

Facebook has a long history in shutting down pages related to the Palestinian resistance. In 2011, the Third Intifada Facebook page was closed down because “after the publicity of the page, more comments deteriorated to direct calls for violence”, according to one of Facebook’s manager. But the current form of clear online apartheid that points fingers to accurate targets, by posting their names, faces and addresses doesn't seem to bother or worry Facebook nor its managers about its reprehensible consequences.
Pascal Asmar.

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Lebanese University graduate and Mayfouq-born surgeon Dr Bachir Elias was awarded with the prestigious Philippe Mouret Award after performing a revolutionary endoscopic surgery. The award aims to honor below 40 years young surgeons who would present revolutionary techniques in endoscopic surgeries. This year’s jury was composed from the best surgeons of France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. Dr Elias performed his surgery without cutting the patient, leaving only 3 incisions in the abdomen, whereas the conventional surgery leaves a 5 cm cut and 3 incisions. This kind of surgery is still very rare worldwide but it’s the best to assure the patient a quick and painless recovery.

 Dr Bachir Elias, receiving his award (Photo: AnNahar)

Dr Bachir Elias is 36 years old. He pursued his studies at the Lebanese University before moving to France to specialize in endoscopic surgery. He works at the Bel-Air hospital in Thionville, France.
The saddest part of his story is the lack of recognition of his competences in his home country, Lebanon. In his interview with AnNahar newspaper, Dr Bachir Elias assures that he is grateful to the Lebanese University and that he would have loved to work in Lebanon which he visits every once in a while. But every time he applies for a job at any Lebanese hospital, the answer is the same: “Maybe later”. He only got the recognition he deserved in France where he was hired according to his competences and hard work.
As Lebanon is drowning in its own lethargy, great minds are shining worldwide. Dr Bachir Elias is not the first and he surely won’t be the last to be awarded in foreign countries. In a nepotistic system based on political feudalism and favoritism, as well as on religions, it’s quite impossible to give to competent people what they really deserve.

The award Dr Bachir Elias received in recognition 
of his innovative surgery (Photo: AnNahar)

Pascal Asmar

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Monday, June 16, 2014

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Just after their team lost its first game in World Cup 2014, Japanese fans helped cleaning up the stadium.
Losing the game did not prevent them from reflecting their beautiful culture and from showing respect for their hosts. 
This act was amazing and it reflected the modesty of the Japanese.
Yes, they lost the game but they won the respect of the world!

I will not be a dreamer and wish to see Lebanese people doing the same in a foreigner stadium; I will be satisfied if they only avoid throwing rubbish in their own streets.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

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"In spite of the trials facing the Palestinians they still manage to shine."
 Dr Bilal philips

Iqbal El Asaad, a Palestinian Woman, started studying Medicine when she was 14 years old. She got her Bachelor degree in Medicine at the age of 20 and she is now the youngest doctor in the world!

Dr. Iqbal, you gave this world a lesson. We wish you lots of luck and success!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

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While watching this, I could not stop my tears from falling. My stomach begun to ache, my heartbeats went very fast and for a second I felt what she suffered there.

This video left me out of words. I could not believe that something like this happened.
How was it possible to rape a woman in the middle of Al Tahrir Square? How was it possible to rip off her clothes and assault her without anyone noticing?

I can imagine this moment when they first begun violating her. The shock, the denial, and the fear.I bet she cried loud and cruelly. She asked for help. She knew they would not spare a tiny part of her body. She knew they would rape her until death, and I know that she wished death.

What worlds can describe what happened to this woman?  Cruelty? Inhumanity? Brutality? What kind of judgments against the criminals can the needed justice give to this victim? A rule of life sentence? An execution?

It is not the first sexual harassment that happens at Al Tahrir Square and if no serious security plan is launched, it will not be the last. We all know that what this woman has lost is irretrievable. No sentence can compensate her harm! We should not only ask for justice for it is not the answer.  

To watch the Video click here.

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What surprised me yesterday in the first match of the world cup is the average performance of the brasilian team who is supposed to be the clear favorite to win this trophy. A Dubious penalty won by Fred and translated to a goal by the famous Neymar was the turning point of the game and gave Brazil its first victory.
I would like to share with you a comic video about what happened.

Honestly, I was  happy that brazilian team won yesterday not because I support them but to calm a bit the protestors and prevent catastrophic reactions from the mistreated people.


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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let me begin by offering my deep apologies to every Football Fan. I know how much you love this game, how much you appreciate it, and how deeply you are looking for the work cup. I don’t want to ruin your happiness and eagerness. I just want to invite you to look carefullyat what Football and FIFA represent now and see if FIFAs actions and policy converge with the spirit of Football.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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His name is Ihab Hallab. He’s 14 and comes from a Tripoli-based family. He’s a student at the “Ibn Khaldoun” public school. Few years ago, Ihab almost drowned. This accident motivated him to think about a possibility to help human beings breath under water just like fish. After profound thinking and research, the young teenager elaborated some plans of potential fish-like gills designed for humans.

Ihab is also the inventor of an electric pair of shoes that can help people cross distances without feeling tired.
The young 14-year-old, who got 3 patents from the Lebanese Ministry of Economy, doesn’t want to give further details about his inventions so his ideas won’t be stolen before developing the experimental phase.
The teenage boy, who dreams of developing more projects, wants his country to be the first to benefit from his ideas and inventions… We do hope so too, Ihab.
Pascale Asmar

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The latest video of the French humorist Rémi Gaillard really dazzled me. Please, could anybody explain to me how could he do this?


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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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It’s not the first time that a traditional fairy tale is introduced to us in an unconventional way.

After Snow White and the Huntsman and Frozen, Disney brings us Maleficent, the story of the “evil” fairy, the sleeping beauty and most importantly of the true unconditional love between two different souls. 

The film mainly tells the story Maleficent, the character that is always forgotten in these types of tales; the one who is usually depicted as the source of darkness that wishes to disturb the peaceful lives of the humans. It tells the causes of her actions, her thoughts and feelings. 

This time, the movie points out to the real evildoers on the planet: human beings filled with greed and blinded by power and it delivers an ending that despite being predictable is also pleasing. However, I must admit that the persistence to keep it secret as long as possible is understandable; after all, the traditional path of story must be respected.

Although the plot is a little bit obvious, the film has many positive aspects like the glorious costumes and makeup, the cool effects and direction and the gorgeous presence of the one and only Angelina Jolie, who sadly, was dropping hints that she will retire from acting after her next big project "a biopic of Cleopatra".  

Objectively speaking, the movie is not a masterpiece and it doesn't claim to be. It’s entertaining with good plot, interesting ideas, simple dialogue (occasionally funny) and satisfactory performances.
Maleficent is now showing in Lebanese cinemas, watch it, you’ll have fun.   
Maleficent 3.5/5 

 Abir Lebbos

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