When I first saw the trailer of Haifa Wehbi's new movie "حلاوة روح" , I felt very angry because it was very clear that this movie is only a failed attempt to copy "Malèna" a movie by "Giuseppe Tornatore" staring "Monica Bellucci" and I did not understand ( and I still does) how someone could copy a movie as simple as that without caring about the property rights.

The screening of Haifa's new movie in Egypt is now suspended for re-evaluation after criticisms over "the unethical sexual scenes ". And I find this very ridiculous, unacceptable and  it shows clearly how furious Arabs societies are when it comes to SEX.

Honestly, I am not writing this out of defending Haifa because I am not a fan of her. She is one of the sexiest women on earth but I can't accept her as an actor. I am writing this because a Country with a quarter of its population living below poverty line should have much more important things to discuss and solve than Haifa's legs or boobs.

This movies and the huge fuss it produces confirm two realities :
1- We are very obsessed with sex so we need to use it very heavily in our movies to promote them
2-We are very obsessed with sex so we leave all our problems and care about a movie.