Being an economics student it has been interesting explaining to my mother why I’m broke using supply/ demand charts and unemployment figures, and being a Lebanese citizen further complicated the situation with job attainment closely correlated to your connections (wasta). This has got me to think how is it that someone becomes rich in this country, the result was a count down to the top 10 paying occupations in Lebanon, here it goes:

10. Dentist: like it or not you have to visit the dentist, and other than contributing to horror movie scenarios a dentist makes a pretty good income.
Average salary: 30,000$

9. Attorney: in a country where you have more inmates than school students it pays to be in the law business. An attorney needs to finish a college degree in law and pass the required exams to enter the union before he/she can practice.
Average salary: 38,000$

8. Certified accountant: were not talking here about the cashier down at TLC, being a certified accountant requires completion of a BA in accounting followed by a minimum of three years’ experience before applying to join the union of certified public accountants. If you’re studying accounting have your eye on attaining a CPA
Average salary: 39,000$

7. Computer system manager: Remember Moeen ? The guy that asked you out to prom but you turned down because he was too geeky? Well Moueen is living it large now! The computerization of the Lebanese economy has created a sustainable demand for geeks (and sparked anger amongst old fashioned parents). This job requires experience more than sheer degrees with the highest amount going to programmers.
Average salary: 41,000$

6. Engineers: One should watch out for engineers, they started with sewing machines and ended up with atomic bombs. In a place where everything from electricity to politicians is broken we need their help to fix and build a country.
Average salary; 47,000$

5.  Mrs. Lebanon: in addition to a 300,000$ apartment, a 2014 Audi Q3, and 50,000$ worth of jewelry, Mrs. Lebanon makes much more from endorsements alone, for details on how to become Mrs. Lebanon please refer to a previous article on this blog.
Average salary: I just want world peace!

4. Doctors: practiced physicians rank far ahead in average earnings with surgeons leading the pack, if you can withstand the hard work and relentless study it requires medicine is for you, but don’t expect to get a Maserati like Nader Saab’s right away
Average salary: 90,000$

3. C.E.O: now I can’t tell you exactly how to become one but I can tell you they make a comfortable sum, easiest way is to start your own company, or marry the owners daughter.
Average salary: 100,000$

2. Entertainer: notice I didn’t say “musician”, musicians can barely afford food, entertainers on the other hand make millions and anyone can do it (it Ali Eldeek can do it I’m pretty sure you can). Just rhyme “Farde” with “warde” or get a boob job and you’re good to go.
Average salary: 300,000$

1. School teacher (ok I cracked myself there) no, actually number one goes to politicians. Being a Politian in Lebanon is a lot like being a roman czar, you don’t do much but still get to decide the life of others, and being a politician is the definition of security, once you get in not even the incredible hulk can move you from the seat. Although the 10,000$ monthly wage a minister earns fails to explain how his wife can afford 126,000$ worth of chocolate from one visit to a pastry shop, but it becomes clear when you take into consideration the “tips” Lebanese politicians earn
Average salary: let’s just say they’re comfortable...
Fouad Jaber