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While watching this, I could not stop my tears from falling. My stomach begun to ache, my heartbeats went very fast and for a second I felt what she suffered there.

This video left me out of words. I could not believe that something like this happened.
How was it possible to rape a woman in the middle of Al Tahrir Square? How was it possible to rip off her clothes and assault her without anyone noticing?

I can imagine this moment when they first begun violating her. The shock, the denial, and the fear.I bet she cried loud and cruelly. She asked for help. She knew they would not spare a tiny part of her body. She knew they would rape her until death, and I know that she wished death.

What worlds can describe what happened to this woman?  Cruelty? Inhumanity? Brutality? What kind of judgments against the criminals can the needed justice give to this victim? A rule of life sentence? An execution?

It is not the first sexual harassment that happens at Al Tahrir Square and if no serious security plan is launched, it will not be the last. We all know that what this woman has lost is irretrievable. No sentence can compensate her harm! We should not only ask for justice for it is not the answer.  

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