Have you ever asked yourself about a life with no questions?
What if Man has never asked a question? Would life be the way we know it? The obvious answer to such a question is NO, science and society would not progress without questions and curiosity. The evolution of mankind is based on questioning the unknown subject and finding (or trying to find) by experiment the right answers.
But being born in Lebanon, we were taught that some subjects are to not be questioned: religions, sex, homosexuality, refugees, change and a lot more. The answers already found by our ancestors should not be reviewed and therefore changed, because they are keeping this society from vanishing.
We were born in a society that is ruled by the power of silence. They taught us how to give up and how to let go, they convinced us that the road is already chosen and that we do not have any way to change it.
Well we were never easily convinced. We knew that questions and answers are the natural way of evolution, and this rule must be implied to our society.
ChiTikTik ChiTi3a is our way to revolve, it is the free space where we could ask and get answers, where there is no "Prêt-à-Porter" realities...