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His name is Ihab Hallab. He’s 14 and comes from a Tripoli-based family. He’s a student at the “Ibn Khaldoun” public school. Few years ago, Ihab almost drowned. This accident motivated him to think about a possibility to help human beings breath under water just like fish. After profound thinking and research, the young teenager elaborated some plans of potential fish-like gills designed for humans.

Ihab is also the inventor of an electric pair of shoes that can help people cross distances without feeling tired.
The young 14-year-old, who got 3 patents from the Lebanese Ministry of Economy, doesn’t want to give further details about his inventions so his ideas won’t be stolen before developing the experimental phase.
The teenage boy, who dreams of developing more projects, wants his country to be the first to benefit from his ideas and inventions… We do hope so too, Ihab.
Pascale Asmar