Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Not long ago, “Maya Diab” was a neutral name to the Lebanese society.
I still remember the first time she appeared with her new look and back then I did not think even for once that she would become “that famous” and that despite her limited singing capacity she would create a unique space for herself.

Maya Diab was Neshan’s guest in his last episode of “wala te7lam”, and for the first time I had the opportunity to see what lies behind her perfect appearance and to discover different sides of her personality.

One of the things you have to know about Maya is that she is not only a beautiful woman with a sexy body but she is also strong and smart. Anyone who watched her episode with Neshan can simply reach this conclusion.
For more than an hour, Maya was able to avoid Neshan’s questions, questions that included her private life, her work, her conflicts with Bassem Feghali and lots of tricky subjects that only a smart person can avoid. However, at some point Maya was unable to hide her arrogance, and her unreachable ego.

When Maya first began to talk, she looked very artificial especially when compared to Neshan who is one of the most spontaneous talk shower in Lebanon. She was counting her words, replying shortly most of the time and smiling when she did not want to answer. Her gestures and her attitude reflected her high self-esteem.

Neshan’s first tricky question was about Maya’s marriage. Maya, who replied directly to Neshan’s question about love in her life saying “ma fi gharam”,  insisted that she is still married and refused to talk more. Upon Neshan's insistence on this subject, she lost her temper a bit and claimed that her private life is not for discussion. Although, I totally understand Maya’s concerns I do not really agree with her. Any famous person does not really own his private life. At the end, this is the bad side of being famous!

Maya’s arrogance was featured the most when Neshan asked her about her competitors. Her cliché respond, “Of being in competition with every successful star”, and her attitude gave me the feeling that she did not really think she has any worthy competitor.  Moreover, I could not tolerate the part when she begun talking about her TV show. Any realistic person knows  that people watch Maya’s show to see her, and to see what she is wearing (or not wearing :P) .  

In the last part of the episode, Maya showed a beautiful human side of her personality when she offered Mohamad, a handicapped 16 years old boy, a dream. She looked very honest and I really appreciated her gesture when she went down on her knees to kiss Mohamad.

Watching this interview of Maya Diab did not change my opinion toward her. I still find her over rated and I still think that she is not the kind of successful women I like to see in our society. She is beautiful, smart, and strong but she does not offer more. I am not against the success of attractive women as long as their appearance is not the only reason behind their fame. Till now, Maya didn't show a distinction in singing, acting or performing and I wonder if she will ever do!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Nokia has officially announced its next president: Lebanese Ramzi Haidamous will officially take the lead of the company on September 3, 2014.

Ramzi Haidamous. Picture property of Nokia

In its official statement, Nokia has stressed on the qualities of its next president: with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in electric engineering from the University of the Pacific, Haidamous spent 17 years at Dolby Laboratories “which he helped to grow from a USD 72 million private business into a nearly USD 1 billion thriving public company”. According to the same source, Haidamous’ rich experience will be profitable to Nokia, as well as his “perfect blend of technology savvy, business leadership and innovation experience to head [Nokia’s] cutting-edge technologies business”.

“With Ramzi at the head of the world-class Nokia Technologies team and our continuing investment in advanced research and development, we are well-positioned to drive the innovation and licensing business needed to move us closer to our goal of technology leadership in a world where everyone and everything is connected”, concluded Rajeev Suri, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nokia.

Ramzi Haidamous is another international pride for us all in Lebanon. It saddens me to see how Lebanon cannot take advantage of its own citizens’ competences because it is ruled by incompetent politicians who are preoccupied in destroying an entire country to feed their own ego and interests.
Pascale Asmar

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Friday, July 25, 2014

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Lebanon Parliament’s Committee for Public Works, Transportation, Energy and Water discussed a strategy to develop public transportation in an attempt to reduce traffic jams in Beirut and its suburbs. The plan aims to spread 250 buses and to build a railway connecting the North to the capital. Among the 250 buses, 200 will be able to operate on 20 lines and serve the capital and its suburbs whereas 50 will serve other main cities like Tripoli, Sidon and Chtaura, in order to connect them to vital Beirut. Around 311 bus stops are expected with message signs to inform passengers about the schedule, and to keep them updated regarding any change or delay. Buses will start operating between 6 a.m. and midnight.

The project will be managed by three private companies, according to The Daily Star.

Can we start dreaming about decent public transportation? Or should we expect this project to be aborted like many others because of financial issues and political intervention? In a country where politics is deeply interested in citizens even if citizens are not interested in politics, we can expect any developmental project to be postponed when politicians’ interests collide. We've got numerous proofs throughout history. The recent ones might be the Lebanese University’s dean and professors’ issue, the impossible highway of Jal al Dib, and the list doesn't end up here.
We can hope for the best, but as long as projects are still promises, let’s only trust our local saying:

ما تقول فول تيصير بالمكيول
Pascale Asmar

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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One of the hardest things to do is to convince your mom that blogging is not a waste of time. Every time she sees me sitting in front of my PC writing, she begins to complain. “Ray7i 3younik mama(1), “eno chou tal3lik mn chitiktik(2), or “law btnemilik chway mch a7la(3) are expressions she uses usually to convince me that a girl my age should be doing shopping instead of doing this “balablabla”.

Three weeks ago, I wrote a controversial article (4) and unfortunately mom was able to read it because it was in Arabic (Mom does not know English, so unless my sister volunteers to translate it to her, I am safe), and believe me she did not like my post.
She was angry, and a bit scared. She could not understand why I (her number 4 daughter) would risk gathering enemies. “You would not rest until you get caught by the ISG!”

“It is fine mom, I will spend a couple of days in jail and I will be famous: P” I replied. Well, this was enough to make her even angrier.

Despite the fact that mom is a 55-year-old Lebanese woman, who is still attached to many “old fashioned concepts”, Mom is someone you can talk to about many controversial issues without being judged or treated like an outsider and that is why I was sure that at some point she would understand why I find blogging a very funny task.

I did not really like to see her angry, so I decided it is the time to talk seriously about this blog.
“Mom, I am kidding. I am fine and safe. I just blog about things that really matter to me. I say my opinion and share it with others, this way I help to spread the ideas I believe in and develop myself by doing something I love”.

“Rihab! Who cares?” that is something I was sure mom would say. At the end, who really cares about a 25-year-old girl‘s opinion?
For few seconds, I felt that mom was right.  Does my opinion matter? Why would I even bother myself? Will I be able to change anything in this country or in the world?

Then I remembered what happened few weeks ago in Abra.
“Mom, do you remember Abra’s municipality decision (5), the one forbidding people form eating in front of the fasters? This order was cancelled, and the Lebanese activists were one of the reasons behind its cancellation of this order. Those people mom who care enough to spare their time expressing their thoughts and ideas, can actually change things or at least try to change things.”

Mom looked at me fiercely, and I knew she got the point. However, she is not the kind of person to admit. “Do whatever you want, you didn’t listen to me before, and you will not listen now!”
15 days have passed since we had this discussion and till now I did not hear anymore complains.


(1) Arabic expression: give your eyes some rest
(2) Arabic expression: What will you get from this blog?
(3) Arabic expression: isn't better if you get some sleep instead of blogging?
(4) An article about the Lebanese Patriarch refusing his statement toward secularism
(5) A municipality decision in a Lebanese village called Abra that forbids people from eating in front of the fasters.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

After being disqualified for some time by the FIBA, the national basketball team is suffering a new blow: the Lebanese Basketball Federation has officially withdrawn the team’s participation from the Jones Cup tournament that will take place in Taiwan from August 9 till August 17.

According to inner sources, the federation is suffering from financial problems: every trip costs around 75 000 USD and the FLB is incapable of financing the upcoming trip especially with a debt that is estimated around 100 000 USD. Resources are limited and the ministry of Youth and Sports contributes with tiny insufficient amounts. In addition, some players are refusing to participate in the tournament. Without its key players, and with the uncertainty of the participation of major players like Julien Khazzouh and Daniel Faris, the dream of dominating the Asian basketball is vanishing.

While all Asian teams are preparing to win the Asia Cup, the Lebanese national team is drowning. Who is to blame? First, politicians are the first to take the blame for interfering (as usual) and “politicizing” the game. I wonder why the ministry of Youth and Sorts as well as Lebanon parliamentary Commission for Youth and Sports do exist if they are incapable of supporting financially and morally the national team so it would achieve the best and regain its international rank after suffering major blows during the past months. Then, the FLB is also held accountable for not doing its job to find solutions to financial problems so its players won’t have to offer to pay their own flight, go overseas without pocket money and drown in sorrow and desperation.

Not only the national men’s team will be forbidden from participating; as a matter of fact, the junior men’s team (below 18) won’t be able to make it to Doha to participate in the Asian Championship for junior teams.

The Parliament can always find financial resources to pay illegal deputes who extended their own mandate, disregarding the laws, the Constitution and people’s will, but it seems always helpless and broke when it comes to giving rights to employees, teachers, professors, players, among many others. 

                                                                                                                                   Pascale Asmar

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

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"اضرب يا عباس" عبارةٌ أثارت الرأي العام اللبناني نهار السبت الفائت.
في الفيديو الذي انتشر ليلة أمس على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعية، يظهر عباس ع. طفل السنتين وهو يقوم بضرب خالد ن. طفلٍ سوري الجنسية يبلغ من العمر تسعة سنوات. عباس الطفل الصغير يعنف خالد بناءً على تحريضاتٍ من أشخاصٍ لا تظهر وجوههم في الفيديو.
هذه الحادثة التي تعد خرقاً جلياً لحقوق الإنسان وتظهر بشكلٍ جليٍ حجم العنف الذي يتم تلقينه للطفل عباس فتحت سجالاً طويلاً في اليومين الفائتين، فكان لهذه الجريمة أبعادٌ طائفية وعنصريه كادت أن تطيح بأهمية الجانب الإنساني لهذه القضية. اسئلةٌ كثيرةٌ طرحت البارحة، اسئلةٌ حان الوقت لنفكر فيها ونسعى لإيجاد اجوبتها.

 هل الشعب اللبناني شعبٌ عنصري؟
كان من الطبيعي طرح هذا السؤال بعد حادثة البارحة، فخالد الضحية صبيٌ سوري الجنسية.
فهل إقدام عائلةً لبنانية على ضرب صبيٍ سوري تجعل من الشعب اللبناني بأكمله شعباً عنصرياً حاقداً؟  
كلنا نعرف الإجابة، لا يحق لنا تعميم حالةٍ فردية على شعبٍ بأكمله.
لكن هذا لا يرفع عنا تهمة العنصرية. فمع عباس أو بدونه، نحن شعبٌ عنصريٌ بأغلبه ينظر نظرةً فوقيةً للأخرين.
عنصريتنا التي تظهر بأقصى اشكالها تجاه الشعب السوري، تعود لأسبابٍ سياسيةٍ تاريخية ولنزعات طويلةٍ، وهي عنصريةٌ نتشاركها نحن والشعب السوري على حد سواء ونزوح هذه الأعداد الهائلة من السورين إلى لبنان ساهم في تعزيزها.

هل لهذه الحادثة أي أبعاد دينية أو طائفية؟

لكنة المحرضين في الفيديو بالإضافة إلى اسمائهم كانت كافية لمعرفة طائفة العائلة. وفجأةً تحولت القضية إلى قضيةٍ دينيةٍ طائفية، فأخد البعض يتهجم على الطائفة الشيعية وظهرت تعليقاتٌ على الفسيبوك اظهرت حجم النزاع الطائفي البارد الذي نعيشه. فبدل أن نسعى لتدارك الخطء الكبير الذي أرتكب وجد البعض في هذه الحادثة منفذاً لتطرفه الدني.

ماذا عن مصداقية وسائلنا الإعلامية؟
فور انتشار الفيديو المذكور سارعت وسائل الإعلام كافة إلى نشر الخبر. ووفي سباقها المحموم على السكوب الاعلامي نسيت إحدى المحطات أن مصداقية الخبر يجب أن تكون المعيار الأساسي. فقامت الجديد online بنشر صورةٍ لرجلٍ على إنه والد عباس ليتبين فيما أبعد أنه ليس الوالد ولم تقدم الجديد أي تفسير أو اعتذار على الخطأ الكبير التي ارتكبته.
هذا الخطأ الذي حول رجلاً بريئاً إلى متهم، يعكس قلة المصداقية التي تتمتع بها وسائلنا الإعلامية، وإن كانت الجديد هي من وقعت هذه المرة في شرك السكوب هذا لا يعني أنها المحطة الوحيدة التي تقع في هكذا أخطا.

من الضحية؟
عباس وخالد طفلين صغيرين هما ضحية لعالمٍ من الكبار الحاقدين.
خالد الصبي الذي تعرض للضرب والتعنيف الجسدي وعباس الطفل الذي تعلم أن يكره وهو بعد لم يتجاوز الثانية من العمر هما الضحية الكبرى لمجتمعٍ مريض.
أي مستقبلٍ ينتظرهم؟ وإلى ماذا أو من سيتحول كلٌ منهما؟
غداً يوم يفجر انتحاري جديدٌ نفسه، لا تستغربوا ولا تسألوا كيف أقنعوه وبماذا وعدوه لكن اسألوا أنفسكم كيف نشأ ومن تحكم بطفولته ليصنع منه مجرماً وقتلاً!

 "أضرب يا عباس، ما تخاف، أضربه على بطنه، أضربه بيدك... برجلك، على وجهه يا عباس" ...
 أضربه يا عباس لنجعل منك أصغر مجرمٍ في العالم...
أضربه يا عباس كي نحولك الى قاتلٍ صغير...
 أضربه يا عباس كي تموت طفولتكما معاً...


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Friday, July 18, 2014

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Dear Elissar,        

I am writing this open letter to you and I would be very happy if you read it.

Two days ago, you published an article in Al joumhourieh newspaper and for no specific reason it becomes the "talk of the town".

In your article, titled “مسابح لبنان... الفلتان يَصِل إلى الذروة”, you told the story of four Lebanese girls who traveled to Greece for a vacation.
These four women were very astonished by what they saw there: People were walking naked on the beach and gay men were kissing each other in public. After these “disgusting” scenes, the four women came back to Lebanon and they were very proud because Lebanon is still conservative despite how modern it is and because homosexuality is not legal in Lebanon.

However, their confidence in the Lebanese morality disappeared after their visit to one of the Lebanese resorts. The unethical acts they saw there were worse than what they saw in Greece: Drunk people dancing and celebrating, and girls with bikinis dancing on a bar in front of others.

فلطالما تميّز لبنان بتحرّره وانفتاحه على غيره من الشعوب، ولطالما تربّع على عرش الانفتاح وتبادل الثقافات والتجارب وتبنّي قيم جديدة تساهم في تطوّره محلياً وعالمياً، إلّا أنه في الآونة الاخيرة وصل الانفتاح الى ذروته وبالغاً حدّ الوقاحة والفلتان.

I am very sorry to tell you that you based your whole article in a “silly” bedtime story and you committed some huge mistakes. You insulted people, hurt their feelings, and gave them a moral lesson on “how to intervene on others life”.

-First, you insulted homosexuals.

I would not mention this if not for your clear statement.

تجوّلت اللبنانيات في شوارع ميكونوس المتناقضة بين مظاهر الفقر والترف، بين البساطة والتكلّف، بين الانغلاق والتحرر، وزرن شواطئها حيث التحرّر المطلق. ففي شاطئ «البارادايز» مثلاً لا تتكلّف الفتاة عناء البحث عن شراء «مايوه» جميل يناسبها لانها تمشي عاريةً وتخضع الى حمام شمس وهي عارية، والامر مماثل بالنسبة الى الرجال الذين يتجوّلون بثقة على ضفاف الشاطئ مستمتعين بحريتهم وتحرّرهم، ولا يمانعون في تقبيل عشاقهم الرجال.

عدنَ شاكراتٍ الدولة لعدم تشريعها المثلية نظراً لما رأينه هناك من مشاهد لا تقبلها العين

So does this mean that you do not mind seeing a straight couple kissing in public?
Really, I would be thankful if you tell me how a same-sex kiss may be more dangerous than a straight couple kiss.

-Second, you criticized the eastern culture and mocked it.

Well dear Elissar, we are not the right people to criticize others. This culture, you refused and considered unethical, was behind the existence of civilized countries. I do not recall the day when our “conservative culture” helped us to evolve.
Call me a fool, but could you tell me why walking naked or fully closed have anything to do with others? The culture, you called unethical, is simply a culture that hallows the individual freedom.

-Third, you were worried of the influence of such behaviors on the children.

إستنكرت المحامية في محكمة الاستئناف لودي حسّون «مظاهر التحرّر تلك على الشواطئ اللبنانية والتي وصلت الى حدّ غير مقبول تجلّى بالفلتان الأخلاقي وعدم إحترام الآداب العامّة، خصوصاً أنّ الحرية الفردية تنتهي عندما تبدأ حرية الآخر، وهذا يسيء الى تربية الاولاد ويترك لديهم إنطباعاً خاطئاً»، بحسب ما أوضحت في حديثها لـ«الجمهورية».

Why would anyone take his children to a resort rated +18?
There are many places in Lebanon specialized for families and children. You cannot take your child to a nightclub and ask people to behave!

-Fourth, you generalized what happened in one resort to all the Lebanese resorts.
مسابح لبنان... الفلتان يَصِل إلى الذروة.

Generalization is a deadly sin. Just because, you witnessed “Chaos” in on place this does not give you the right to apply this everywhere.

-Fifth, you limit the culture of a whole country to your own point of view.

عدن الى بلدهنّ فرحاتٍ بمظاهر التطوّر والعصرنة التي تسللت إليه من دون أن تفقده هويته المحافِظة نوعاً ما، إلّا أنّ فرحهنّ لم يدم إلّا بضعة أيام معدودة.

Lebanon is a country with 19 different sects. It is a country where a shoulder touch between a woman dressed in burka and a woman in short pants may happen daily. Lebanon is the country of diversity and your personal point of view does not apply to all of us.

Blog +961 posted yesterday a video from a 1973 Lebanese movie. In the later, Actors were kissing and an actress went topless. Was our culture also under threat 40 years ago? Or are we becoming more conservative and less tolerant with time?

Dear Elissar, my grandmother used to say "من راقب الناس مات هماً" . If she lived until now, she would be 85 years old; I guess she knows better than us what our true culture is.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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لم تكن تعرف رولا ما الذي ينتظرها يوم طرق جاد منزل والديها...

لم يكن عمرها قد تزاوج السادسة عشر وكانت عروساً برسم البيع. أخبروها أنه قدر أنوثتها أن تتربع على عرش منزل الزوجية، صّوروا لها حياتها الجديدة عالماً من السعادة، تكون فيه السلطانة الآمرة بشرطٍ وحيد، عليها ألا تنساه "أطيعي زوجك، كوني خادمةً له، استري عرضه... ولكِ الجنة."

كانت رولا صغيرةً، يوم دخل جاد عالمها... ويومها اعتقدت أنها على وشك أن تلتقط السعادة بيديها الصغيرتين... ويومها فرحت.  لم يعنيها أنها لم تعرف جاد قبل زواجها به، لم يعنيها أن رجلٌ يكبرها بعشرين عام. يومها لم تعرف بكم بيعت، وماذا فعل والدها بثمنها. 

وأتى يوم زفافها وعلت الأغاني. ارتدت رولا فستانها الأبيض الجميل، وضعوا الطرحة البيضاء عل رأسها ولف الخاتم الذهبي اصبعها الصغير، والكل هنأها فاليوم زفافها وهي العروس... 

وحان الوقت. ازدادت خفقات قلبها سرعةً، كانت تمشي نحو عريسها مطأطأة الرأس، لم تجرؤ حتى على رفع نظراتها لتلتقي عيونه...

عليها الأن أن توقّع وثيقة الزواج. 

كانت رولا تقف، وعقد زواجها أمامها. تمسك القلم بيدها، تحاول الابتسام عبثاً، تسعى جاهدةً لتستعيد أنفسها وتمنع يدها من الارتجاف. "هي اليوم ستصبح امرأة، وعليها التصرف كواحدة" هكذا ابلغتها أمها.

كان الكل يصغي ورجل الدين يتكلم بلا انقطاع، حين قررت رولا أن تقرأ ذلك العقد القابع أمامها.
ولم تصدق ما رأت، لم تستطيع أن تفهم إن كانت تلك الكلمات حقيقة أمامها أو انها قامت باختلاقها.

"هذا عقد قيران الفتاة رولا على الشاب جاد.
أنا الموقعة أدناه رولا م. اتعهد لزوجي جاد ب. بالتالي:
-اطاعة زوجي وعدم مخالفة أي من أوامره.
-السماح له باستباحة جسدي متى يشاء وبأي طريقة يريد.
-القبول بخيانات زوجي الجنسية وعدم التشكي منها.
-الموافقة على معاملتي كخادمة وإنسان أقل مرتبة.
-عدم مغادرة المنزل إلّا بموافقته.
-عدم المطالبة بالحصول على عمل (يحق للزوجة العمل فقط حين يجد الزوج ضرورة لذلك. وعليها القبول بأي عمل يختاره لها زوجها)
-التغاضي عن أي عنف جسدي قد يطالني."

بين تلك الكلمات تاهت رولا، وسمعت الكل ينطق باسمها، رفعت نظرتها نحو جاد، واخافتها ابتسامته. أرعبها هيكله الكبير وأدركت أن الكل قد تأمر عليها اليوم...
أدركت أنها وقعت في بين براثين الوحش وأنه ما من خلاص. 


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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“When will you get married?” and “Why are you still single?” are two questions that I hear a lot nowadays from the neighbors, my big family and occasionally some of my friends.
Of course, all of them are concerned about my future and my marital status (more than I do apparently) except that they might not know how much such questions can be uncomfortable and intrusive.
So, to help you answering such questions, I gathered 5 of the best answers I could think of and I labeled them according to your state at the questioning time.

-The diplomatic answer
“I haven’t met the right person for me yet”.
Always works for everyone and in every situation.

-The ironic answer
  “Waiting until Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie break up”.
   You’ll get a good laugh if they knew who Brangelina are.

-The logical answer
  “I think that this is a private matter and I prefer not to discuss it”.
   You surely need an open minded audience to pull that off.

-The rude answer
  “It’s none of your business”.
   Not recommended at a family reunion. 

-The radical answer
  “I don’t believe in marriage and I prefer no-strings-attached relationships”.
   Oh well, good luck with that.

If I missed something, please help me because I’m running out of answers to this unanswerable question.

Abir Lebbos

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Monday, July 14, 2014

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لو...هي كلمة بنى بعضنا قصوره و هواجسه عليها...وبعضنا تلاحقه كلعنة أبدية أينما ذهب... ولبعضنا تحمل اشعاع اﻷمل بغد أفضل..."لو" كلمة تصلح كعنوان مسلسل، تشدك اليه وتشعرك بحشرية لمعرفة لماذا طرح السؤال...أثار مسلسل "لو" منذ بدء عرض الpromo قبل بدء شهر رمضان اهتمام المشاهد العربي، و الجميع تحمس لمشاهدته وذلك لبراعة شبكة الosn في الترويج لبرامجها و للوجوه "الجميلة" التي تشارك التمثيل..ولكن سرعان ما بهت ذلك الحماس بعد الكشف عن حبكة المسلسل وربطه بوجود نسخة "هوليودية" بعنوان Unfaithful تعود الى ال2002 بطولة ريشارد غير.

فمن الواضح انه بعد نجاح "لعبة الموت" السنة الفائتة في مجال سرقة المسلسلات، قرر العربي الخوض في التجربة ذاتها هذه السنة، مما يدعوا لللقلق تجاه الفشل في اﻹبداع وابتكار أفكار جديدة واللجؤ الى المساعدة اﻷجنبية. واﻷشد وقاحة في هذا العمل هو مدى تشابه المشاهد واﻷحداث بين الفيلم والمسلسل حتى باتت نسخة طبق اﻷصل، حيث يقتصر الجديد على إضافة عدد من الشخصيات الثانوية.
من الواضح أن التمثيل، في المفهوم اللبناني "اﻷعوج"، مرتبط بالجمال. حيث  أن يكون الممثل جميلا أهم من أن يكون متقنا لمهنته ( الشئ ذاته ملموس في "عشرة عبيد صغار")...
فنادين نجيم مثلا، ملكة جمال لبنان سابقا، أبرزت مهارتها في أن تكون باردة جدا في أداء دورها، حيث لم نستطع التماس الشخصية، أو التعاطف معها. بدت مبتدئة ينقصها الكثير من "فت الخبز". وهذا ما نستطيع قوله عن معظم الممثلين في العمل ما عدا السوريين منهم، وخاصة عبد فاهد حيث يبرهنا سنة بعد اﻷخرى باتقانه مهنته بحرفية...

قصة الحب بين يوسف الخال و نجيم بدت مثل قصص حب المراهقة، سريعة الانشعال حيث اندلعت في الحلقة الثانية وغير عقلانية بعد محاولة الانتحار التي يقوم بها يوسف الخال بعد ترك نجيم له(هذا ما لا نراه في الفيلم اﻷجنبي).  وبالرغم من اﻷسباب التي دفعت نجيم للخيانة، تعويض النقص والملل في الحياة الزوجية، إلا أن المبالغة في الدراما كان جليا، حيث نسيت نجيم أن لديها طفلة ولم تشعر بالذنب تجاه زوجها (أو باﻷحرى لم تشعرنا بذلك) وتصرفت كأي فتاة مراهقة. وحتى اننا لم نقتنع بهذا النقص الزوجي، اذا أن زوجها فعل المستحيل ﻹسعادها في أولى حلقاته.

أما بالنسبة لمدى ارتباط المسلسل بواقعنا، فهو كل البعد عنه.
في لبنان "لو" لا تنقطع الكهرباء، اﻹنترنت سريع جدا؛ skype لا ينقطع أبدا بعكس الواقع.
المسلسل برهن فشله و ضعف بناء الشخصيات وضعف بالتمثيل. واقتصرت جماليته على أغنية الشارة وعنوان المسلسل البسيط والذي يملك أبعاد مختلفة، عوضا عن المشاهد المصورة في تعنايل.
من المؤسف تقليد الغير في حين وجود أفكار مميزة و مبدعة عند الشاب البناني بشكل خاص. ومن المؤسف اﻹستغناء عن الشباب المتخرجة من كليات التمثيل واﻹستعاضة عنهم بملكات وملوك الجمال، عديمي القدرة التمثيلية.

ولو وافقنا على ان المسلسل نسخة، يجب علينا  ان نعطيه فرصة لنرى امكانات التمثيل واﻹخراج.

في لبنان "لو" لا وجود للبنة أو غيرها من اﻷطباق اللبنانية. في لبنان "لو" لا وجود للعجقة الخانقة. في لبنان "لو" كل اللبنانيين "لسانون حلو" حيث لا شتائم تلفظ. في لبنان "لو"، فقد لبنان لبنانيته وضربت كل مبادئه عرض الحائط؛ الخيانة سهلة جدا والجنس سهل الحصول عليه.
تم "أمركنت" هذا المسلسل حتى بدا مثله كمثل أي مسلسل أجنبي آخر.

Moustafa Moustafa

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Congratulations to Riyadi team 2004-2005 for wining the 2nd position in the Fermo Tournament and to Adan Orfali who won the MVP award.
It is always nice to hear some good news in this hard time.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Once again, a religious leader uses his position to violate human rights and to profit from the unquestionable faith of his followers to enforce his position.

"Women should not even consider academic study in any framework, because this is not the way of the Torah." Declared Rabbi Shalom Cohen, the new leader of the ultra-orthodox Jewish movement.

Rabbi Cohen forbids women’s education because in his opinion “Facts learned at college are based on scientific methods that contradict with the Torah!”

Although, his claim did only include women he is known to have the same opinion toward men’s education.

How did humans dismiss this truth? After all, why would someone ask for education when a book, written some thousands of years ago, hold all the answers? Why would we even bother?
If for a minute, you thought that the technological development, we are witnessing now, is the consequences of science you are a fool. Humans should not ask for education, they only have to read the Torah repeatedly and everything would be fine!

Forbidding women or men from studying is a very smart decision any extremist religious leader should take. It is their only hope to linger in their positions, to hold power over others and to rule.

The contradiction between science and what the Torah said is the door to hundreds of questions. Questions that may not only put doubt in the heart of people but it may encourage them to revolve over their religious leaders.

Education is the only way to improve humans, to make them think behind the box and to build a healthy society where every human being is free and respected.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

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It’s the obvious that this world cup means a lot to Lionel Messi.

After winning everything a football player dreams to win: 4 times the best player in the world, and many European and Spanish competitions his lacking trophy is surely the WC.

During this competition, we have seen the Argentinean struggling to win their games, they had tough games against Netherlands (penalty shots), Iran (1-0 at the last minute), Switzerland (1-0 at the last minute) and Belgium (1-0 because of a defensive fault) and they were on the verge of elimination. I believe their qualification to the final was only due to the football genius Messi and to some good luck.

On the other hand, the Germans also struggled in this world cup especially against Ghana and Algeria. However, they showed a solid team with high technical skills and impressive team spirit.  Their defense was very good in their games against France in the quarter final and against Brazil in the semifinals.

The Myth says that a South American team has always won the WC if was organized on a South American land. But this time, I think the world cup will be for Europeans. 

Don’t hesitate to share your opinion :)

PS: This article was written by a guest writer. Please don't hesitate to contribute with us by sending any article you like to share .

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