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Lebanese University graduate and Mayfouq-born surgeon Dr Bachir Elias was awarded with the prestigious Philippe Mouret Award after performing a revolutionary endoscopic surgery. The award aims to honor below 40 years young surgeons who would present revolutionary techniques in endoscopic surgeries. This year’s jury was composed from the best surgeons of France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. Dr Elias performed his surgery without cutting the patient, leaving only 3 incisions in the abdomen, whereas the conventional surgery leaves a 5 cm cut and 3 incisions. This kind of surgery is still very rare worldwide but it’s the best to assure the patient a quick and painless recovery.

 Dr Bachir Elias, receiving his award (Photo: AnNahar)

Dr Bachir Elias is 36 years old. He pursued his studies at the Lebanese University before moving to France to specialize in endoscopic surgery. He works at the Bel-Air hospital in Thionville, France.
The saddest part of his story is the lack of recognition of his competences in his home country, Lebanon. In his interview with AnNahar newspaper, Dr Bachir Elias assures that he is grateful to the Lebanese University and that he would have loved to work in Lebanon which he visits every once in a while. But every time he applies for a job at any Lebanese hospital, the answer is the same: “Maybe later”. He only got the recognition he deserved in France where he was hired according to his competences and hard work.
As Lebanon is drowning in its own lethargy, great minds are shining worldwide. Dr Bachir Elias is not the first and he surely won’t be the last to be awarded in foreign countries. In a nepotistic system based on political feudalism and favoritism, as well as on religions, it’s quite impossible to give to competent people what they really deserve.

The award Dr Bachir Elias received in recognition 
of his innovative surgery (Photo: AnNahar)

Pascal Asmar