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Two days ago, during the world cup match between Italy and Uruguay, Luis Suarez bit the Italian player Giorgio Chiellini.

FIFA started an investigation on Wednesday to clarify this accident and today Luis Suarez was charged in the biting accident.

Luis Suárez will be suspended for nine matches and banned for four months from any football-related activity

To read FIFA's Decision.

If you watched this game, you would know that FIFA's decision came too late.

Although this decision may look fair and very strict but we all know that it is not fair to the Italian team.
In this same match, the judge committed two big mistakes. First, he gave a red card to "Claudio Marchisio" without a clear reason and second he turned his eyes on  Luis Suarez bite.

I am not an expert on Football Rules, but I have never understood why the judges don't simply use the instant replay!

The integrity of FIFA was always dubious. It is not the first time that a judge mistake changes the fate of a team. This case should raise questions whether this "mistake" was intended or not and how much such "mistakes" could be monitored by FIFA to control the results of the matches.