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It’s not the first time that a traditional fairy tale is introduced to us in an unconventional way.

After Snow White and the Huntsman and Frozen, Disney brings us Maleficent, the story of the “evil” fairy, the sleeping beauty and most importantly of the true unconditional love between two different souls. 

The film mainly tells the story Maleficent, the character that is always forgotten in these types of tales; the one who is usually depicted as the source of darkness that wishes to disturb the peaceful lives of the humans. It tells the causes of her actions, her thoughts and feelings. 

This time, the movie points out to the real evildoers on the planet: human beings filled with greed and blinded by power and it delivers an ending that despite being predictable is also pleasing. However, I must admit that the persistence to keep it secret as long as possible is understandable; after all, the traditional path of story must be respected.

Although the plot is a little bit obvious, the film has many positive aspects like the glorious costumes and makeup, the cool effects and direction and the gorgeous presence of the one and only Angelina Jolie, who sadly, was dropping hints that she will retire from acting after her next big project "a biopic of Cleopatra".  

Objectively speaking, the movie is not a masterpiece and it doesn't claim to be. It’s entertaining with good plot, interesting ideas, simple dialogue (occasionally funny) and satisfactory performances.
Maleficent is now showing in Lebanese cinemas, watch it, you’ll have fun.   
Maleficent 3.5/5 

 Abir Lebbos