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For years, people killed each other in the name of religion. Looking backward, you may conclude that a world with this huge mixture of cultures cannot survive. I, sometimes, have the same doubts. Lebanon is a country with over than 19 religious sects. In 1975, we experienced our first civil war, a war mostly based on religious conflicts, and until now, Lebanon is still fighting hard to survive.

Should we lost faith? Should we retreat and claim surrender? Should we consider a mixed culture country as a dream?

If you think so, you have to read this.

In Berlin, a rabbi, an imam and a pastor have a unique dream: to build a common place of worship for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Called the "House of the One," this place is open to everyone. It would be a place where the faithful of the three monotheistic religions can practice their faith together.
The architecture of this plan should reflect the great message “Respect the particularity of each religion, while promoting mutual recognition.” The house of one will be composed of a single large room, divided into three equal spaces: the mosque, church and synagogue. Each space will be designed to match the needs and particularities of each religion. This project is the first of it is kind and it shows that religions could coexist without having to fight.

Respecting others and accepting the difference between us are things we failed to do for years. Let us take Lebanon as an example. Although we live within the same borders, Christians and Muslims do not really live together. We live in adjacent cities maybe streets creating culture borders that prohibit us from building a one united country. I am not sure that a “Lebanese house of God” would fix our eternal problems, however it might be a step in a journey of thousand miles. Praying in the same place will help people from different background to meet, chat and build human relationships. It will shorten the distance between them and make them used to coexistence.

All around the world, Religious conflicts have been killing people, leaving them homeless and shaping their live by fear. The difference in ethnicity and race would become a great treasure instead of being a great problem if we accept each other. “The house of one” is a beautiful and peaceful idea, and I wish the world would take lessons from the three men who were behind it.