So what's all the fuss around American Sniper about?
The movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, was nominated for 6 oscars, two of which are major criteria (with respect to me); Best Actor (Bradley Cooper) and Best Motion Picture of the Year.
In addition to huge ratings and amazing reviews; this movie was a must see!

And here is where all your expectations come tumbling down and you are left with major disappointment...none about the directing and acting; Clint Eastwood did an amazing job, as usual!

The movie starts in Iraq...moves back in time to show our Sniper's childhood, where a strong brotherhood bond is clearly depicted...and which the movie fail to remind us of later where Chris rarely meets his brother or even shows they were close to one another once ( they greet each other as any two strangers??!!)

The movie clearly missed something...I couldn't interact with any of the characters, unfortunately.  
Regardless of what you think concerning the politics of war in Iraq, the movie fails to make you feel anything towards any party! 

I was expecting to see some post war trauma as shown in nearly all American war movies, however, Kyle shows that he's a man with a mission( despite showing some mind trauma), of being the "dog" who protects the "sheep" from the "wolves". (When you watch the move you will get what i am talking about). 
Chris Kyle was shown as a hero; although we were expecting a dive into his psychology, the psychology of the most lethal sniper. We got none of that, which was the most disappointing part for those searching for this dive! You see no inner battles, no regrets no any humane feelings while watching this movie; you are watching a war machine set into action!
We were awaiting the complexity of his human nature and character to be felt!
What man brags about his kills and never has even his inner self there to question what he's doing?

Cooper did a good job, both acting wise and adapting his physique for his role ( by gaining several pounds); but was it that good to earn an Oscar nomination?

It seems that there has to always be an american-Iraqi ware movie on the playlists of the awards season ( Zero Dark Thirty and Hurt Locket previously) an it will be no wonder if the movie went home with a huge number of prizes!

Watch the movie; it's a good movie but withdraw all your expectations of an unforgettable one!

Moustafa Moustafa