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It’s the obvious that this world cup means a lot to Lionel Messi.

After winning everything a football player dreams to win: 4 times the best player in the world, and many European and Spanish competitions his lacking trophy is surely the WC.

During this competition, we have seen the Argentinean struggling to win their games, they had tough games against Netherlands (penalty shots), Iran (1-0 at the last minute), Switzerland (1-0 at the last minute) and Belgium (1-0 because of a defensive fault) and they were on the verge of elimination. I believe their qualification to the final was only due to the football genius Messi and to some good luck.

On the other hand, the Germans also struggled in this world cup especially against Ghana and Algeria. However, they showed a solid team with high technical skills and impressive team spirit.  Their defense was very good in their games against France in the quarter final and against Brazil in the semifinals.

The Myth says that a South American team has always won the WC if was organized on a South American land. But this time, I think the world cup will be for Europeans. 

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