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Lebanon Parliament’s Committee for Public Works, Transportation, Energy and Water discussed a strategy to develop public transportation in an attempt to reduce traffic jams in Beirut and its suburbs. The plan aims to spread 250 buses and to build a railway connecting the North to the capital. Among the 250 buses, 200 will be able to operate on 20 lines and serve the capital and its suburbs whereas 50 will serve other main cities like Tripoli, Sidon and Chtaura, in order to connect them to vital Beirut. Around 311 bus stops are expected with message signs to inform passengers about the schedule, and to keep them updated regarding any change or delay. Buses will start operating between 6 a.m. and midnight.

The project will be managed by three private companies, according to The Daily Star.

Can we start dreaming about decent public transportation? Or should we expect this project to be aborted like many others because of financial issues and political intervention? In a country where politics is deeply interested in citizens even if citizens are not interested in politics, we can expect any developmental project to be postponed when politicians’ interests collide. We've got numerous proofs throughout history. The recent ones might be the Lebanese University’s dean and professors’ issue, the impossible highway of Jal al Dib, and the list doesn't end up here.
We can hope for the best, but as long as projects are still promises, let’s only trust our local saying:

ما تقول فول تيصير بالمكيول
Pascale Asmar