Once again, a religious leader uses his position to violate human rights and to profit from the unquestionable faith of his followers to enforce his position.

"Women should not even consider academic study in any framework, because this is not the way of the Torah." Declared Rabbi Shalom Cohen, the new leader of the ultra-orthodox Jewish movement.

Rabbi Cohen forbids women’s education because in his opinion “Facts learned at college are based on scientific methods that contradict with the Torah!”

Although, his claim did only include women he is known to have the same opinion toward men’s education.

How did humans dismiss this truth? After all, why would someone ask for education when a book, written some thousands of years ago, hold all the answers? Why would we even bother?
If for a minute, you thought that the technological development, we are witnessing now, is the consequences of science you are a fool. Humans should not ask for education, they only have to read the Torah repeatedly and everything would be fine!

Forbidding women or men from studying is a very smart decision any extremist religious leader should take. It is their only hope to linger in their positions, to hold power over others and to rule.

The contradiction between science and what the Torah said is the door to hundreds of questions. Questions that may not only put doubt in the heart of people but it may encourage them to revolve over their religious leaders.

Education is the only way to improve humans, to make them think behind the box and to build a healthy society where every human being is free and respected.