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One of the hardest things to do is to convince your mom that blogging is not a waste of time. Every time she sees me sitting in front of my PC writing, she begins to complain. “Ray7i 3younik mama(1), “eno chou tal3lik mn chitiktik(2), or “law btnemilik chway mch a7la(3) are expressions she uses usually to convince me that a girl my age should be doing shopping instead of doing this “balablabla”.

Three weeks ago, I wrote a controversial article (4) and unfortunately mom was able to read it because it was in Arabic (Mom does not know English, so unless my sister volunteers to translate it to her, I am safe), and believe me she did not like my post.
She was angry, and a bit scared. She could not understand why I (her number 4 daughter) would risk gathering enemies. “You would not rest until you get caught by the ISG!”

“It is fine mom, I will spend a couple of days in jail and I will be famous: P” I replied. Well, this was enough to make her even angrier.

Despite the fact that mom is a 55-year-old Lebanese woman, who is still attached to many “old fashioned concepts”, Mom is someone you can talk to about many controversial issues without being judged or treated like an outsider and that is why I was sure that at some point she would understand why I find blogging a very funny task.

I did not really like to see her angry, so I decided it is the time to talk seriously about this blog.
“Mom, I am kidding. I am fine and safe. I just blog about things that really matter to me. I say my opinion and share it with others, this way I help to spread the ideas I believe in and develop myself by doing something I love”.

“Rihab! Who cares?” that is something I was sure mom would say. At the end, who really cares about a 25-year-old girl‘s opinion?
For few seconds, I felt that mom was right.  Does my opinion matter? Why would I even bother myself? Will I be able to change anything in this country or in the world?

Then I remembered what happened few weeks ago in Abra.
“Mom, do you remember Abra’s municipality decision (5), the one forbidding people form eating in front of the fasters? This order was cancelled, and the Lebanese activists were one of the reasons behind its cancellation of this order. Those people mom who care enough to spare their time expressing their thoughts and ideas, can actually change things or at least try to change things.”

Mom looked at me fiercely, and I knew she got the point. However, she is not the kind of person to admit. “Do whatever you want, you didn’t listen to me before, and you will not listen now!”
15 days have passed since we had this discussion and till now I did not hear anymore complains.


(1) Arabic expression: give your eyes some rest
(2) Arabic expression: What will you get from this blog?
(3) Arabic expression: isn't better if you get some sleep instead of blogging?
(4) An article about the Lebanese Patriarch refusing his statement toward secularism
(5) A municipality decision in a Lebanese village called Abra that forbids people from eating in front of the fasters.