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Based on a good friend’s recommendation and on a very interesting trailer, I watched “Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu?” a new French comedy now showing in Lebanon.     

The plot is very simple, so are the acting and the scenario; yet, the subjects discussed are important and need to be pointed at. A traditional catholic French couple faces a tough time when three of their daughters marry immigrant French men: a Muslim Arab, a Jewish Israeli and a Buddhist Chinese. The new big family tries to co-exist, but as soon as it reaches certain stability, the fourth daughter decides to get marry and everything is threatened by this new son-in law.

The movie gives us an insight to new French society and to the struggle of its different components to deal with the ethnic and religious diversity; however, this struggle is international and can be projected to the whole world.  

“Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu?” is a question that we have all asked at some point in our lives and I wish that, in the real world, it can be answered with humor and lightness as it was in this movie.
The film’s message is clear: communication and acceptance are the only solution; because, in the end, we are all alike and if you think that religion and race are worth the fight than they are not. So put your negativity aside and erase all the prejudgment that you were taught to live with and preserve, for what matters in life is humanity powered by tolerance and love.

If you want to watch a different and funny movie, away from Hollywood mainstream repetitive movies, check this film.

Rating 3.75/5

Abir Lebbos