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Being in love with a man who does not miss any football game, is not as easy as it seems!
To be honest with you, when I began dating him 7 years ago I did not know that his obsession with football would be a problem. I did not know that one day I would become the kind of girls I hate the most. A girl who may start a fight over something as silly as a Football game.

Well, last weekend the Brazil vs Chili match brought the worst out of me.

Let me tell you what happened and please consider the situation far away from your own love to this game.

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I were attending a wedding. He began complaining two days earlier that he would not be able to watch Brazil game (and to make it clear, he is not a Brazilian fan!).
I tried to solve this huge problem the mature way "it is ok 7abibi, you can check the goals on your phone" and guess what he replied "NO, I AM GOING TO WATCH THE GAME LIVE ON MY CELLPHONE!"

If you are wondering if he did it, I am happy to tell you "yes he did". He watched the whole game and when the penalties time came, he just left the party and went to watch the goals in another room!

Today, Argentina, his official team, is playing. I tried to convince him to watch this game together but he did not accept. He wants to be alone. I guess he is afraid I would distract him with my questions and comments :P

Anyway, here I am waiting for the end of this game. Because simply, If Argentina won we will go out, if not I guess he would prefer to stay home and mourn over his great loss :P