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Who does not remember these days when basketball was all we cared about? When being Hkmewi or Riyadi was as diving as being 8 or 14 march?

It is sad to see that using basketball to conceal our eternal conflicts is still occurring.

Today, I was reading the news when this statement popped in front of my eyes.Two realities stroke me:

-Lebanese people are still intolerant and the struggle between Hekmi and Riyadi still exists. If it wasn’t for Hekemi’s president’s name, I would think that this piece of information is 10 years old.

-What did “Nadim Hakim” mean when he urged his club fans to stay polite because “there are women and children between the audiences”?
Should we conclude that it is very acceptable to shout and insult others if the audience was 100% male?
Mr. Hakim, with all my respect, but insulting the other club should not only be rejected to avoid penalties or to protect women and children.  The true spirit of any sport game is to know how to welcome winning and losing with the same amount of respect.

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