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A new case of censorship has hit the social media today: “The Exhibition”, a short movie by Lebanese filmmaker Youssef Nassar, was supposed to be screened during the Cabriolet Film Festival. Nassar and the Cabriolet Film Festival’s committee were astonished to hear that the Lebanese General Security refused to give their approval to screen the movie because, as reported by Censorshit Lebanon’s blog, it displayed nude pictures of women. The festival’s committee is deploring the transformation of free Beirut into Kandahar.

Picture via Stop Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon’s fb page

The multiple and repetitive acts of censorship are getting more serious and are worrying us about the “conditioned” freedom of speech: You have the right to say or do anything as long as it doesn’t tackle  religious figures and parties, politics and political figures, and sex.
So basically, keep hiding behind your little finger, as we say around here, because this is what we are good at doing…

Oh and by the way, long live the internet where all banned movies, plays and books will be found!
Pascale Asmar
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