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On May 31, The Daily Star reported: “A husband who had been abusing his wife for over a year was detained Friday, the first time the law against family violence was enforced.
Public Prosecutor Bilal Dennawi ordered the detention of a man, whose identity remains unknown, for 48 hours after an investigation showed that he had been abusing his wife. The order for the arrest was issued in line with the recently passed controversial law to protect women against domestic violence
The man has also been ordered to pay his wife’s medical examination fee and return the couple’s 7-month-old daughter to the victim, in accordance with Article 11 of the law.”

This case is the first since the law against domestic violence was passed in the parliament and KAFA considered it as the first victory for family law.

The husband, who has been detained on Friday, will be held in custody for 48 hours and KAFA was worried that a protection order will not be issued before Monday due to administrative regulations.

Fortunately, yesterday the judge of urgent matters issued a protection order for the victim and her child.

This case highlights a weakness in the new law and urges for a quick amendment. As a matter of fact, the judge of urgent matters is the only one entitled to issue the lengthy protection order, and he is not on call for 24 hours a day. KAFA has requested to handle the protection orders by the public prosecutor since his time is more flexible.

The new law still needs adjustments. The date of the detention should not determine the fate of the victim.

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