I am 165 cm tall...
Two years ago, my weight was 67 Kg and I used to consider myself as Fat....
One year ago, my weight was 60 Kg and I went to a nutritionist because I couldn't loose any additional kilogram and I thought an organized diet will do me good...
Now, my weight is 57 Kg ... I still feel very shy in swimming outfit and I feel guilty every time I eat more than the required calories...
In two years, I lost 10 Kg BUT I didn't gain any confidence in my body shape... And if you want to know how it feels. It hurts!

I know I am not an alien, and that a huge number of people all around the world face low-self esteem. Eating disorder and Anorexia are dangerous maladies and they are invading our societies.
A real model!

This new body-standards are being popularized by fashion brands that design their clothes on emaciated-until sickness mannequins and by women magazines that don't miss a chance to teach us "how to look thinner".

La Perla, new mannequin!

Women, have we ever consider how many trends are exploiting our low self esteem to make fortunes?
What would happen if women wake up some day feeling very confident about their look?
Such a strike will bankrupt thousand of companies.

Feeling fat is an illusion, it is an invention that is limiting our capacities, squandering our thoughts and making us a "copy-paste object".

I know how hard it is to fight all these implicit massages that encourage us to be thinner in order to look beautiful, I always promise myself that I will not fall down again on this media trap and I always end up "feeling fat" after a while :(.

I wish one day  I will look at the mirror feeling satisfied with my body!

"Girls, embrace your flaws. Don't compare or compete with others. What makes you different, makes you beautiful. Don't let the crowd's standards define you. You're beautiful in your way."
Mae Claire Dogillo