Have you ever heard of Mouna Ayoub?
If no is your answer -which is totally acceptable- then, I can safely say that I didn't know who she was until I read lately that she is selling some fancy items from her Yacht, the Phocea which she purchased in 1997 from Bernard Tapie. This yacht became Mouna's target in 1992 when driven by her admiration to it's appearance, she tried to visit it and the guards forbade her. 
Being curious, I was intrigued to know who she was. 
Mouna Ayoub is a Lebanese woman who converted to Islam to marry a rich Saudi Arabian Businessman.After 18 years of marriage, she got her divorce and began investing in real estate. She is now a Franco-Lebanese, upper-class, and a collector of haute-couture dresses. 
Judging Mouna Ayoub or admiring her is a question to be asked.
The first impression anyone can make about her would be a tough judgement. Marrying someone to get rich is unacceptable in the Lebanese scale of morals (even though it is a common kind of marriage ), So how about a woman who changed also her religion to marry a Saudi man?
She said: "The press in the Middle East never miss an opportunity to describe me as a dishonest woman of loose morals. My husband says I left Saudi Arabia with a fortune that doesn't belong to me. For the sake of my children, I can't let them pour out such venom."

But, let us look at the other face of the story.
A huge number of women get rich by marrying the "Prince-Charmant" , but have you ever heard of all of them?
I bet you didn't!
We can't be sure neither of the details of her private life nor of the kind of life she had is Saudi Arabia. It is not enough to be a beautiful lady and marry a rich man to be "Mouna Ayoub". Building a huge fortune like hers needed time and effort. 
In her autobiography "La Vérité" [The Truth], she writes: "People don't understand. They say that I was covered in gold and diamonds and dresses and cars. It's true. But when you are rejected by an entire society, all the wealth of the world would not suffice. I was different to other women in Saudi Arabia and that was my biggest mistake."
This image of the "high -class" bitch that the media tries to deliver can not hide this reality "Whatever was the source of her fortune, She is an intelligent, sophisticated woman with powerful communication skills that earned her international public relations."