As they describe themselves, Donner Sang Compter (DSC) is a “non-profit non-governmental organization which promotes responsible citizenship through raising awareness on and encouraging safe blood transfusions in Lebanon by organizing blood drives in universities, companies and public places in partnership with most hospitals in Lebanon” whose purpose is to “link blood donors to patients in need”.

Since our blog is committed to the welfare of the Lebanese society, it is our duty to introduce the work of DSC to the ones who have not heard of it yet.

Yorgui Teyrouz, the founder and CEO of Donner Sang Compter, shared with us the goals and missions of the organization.

“We aim to change the role approach of blood donation from Replacement Donation to Voluntary Donation; in this way, the donor will participate just for the act of it, without knowing with whom he is sharing his blood.
Voluntary donation makes the whole difference, it’s a source of safety, fun, equality and it is better ethically speaking.”

“We need time to build a blood donating culture, in which the patient’s family doesn't feel the pressure of securing blood units to replace the one’s their patient needs from the hospital’s blood bank.”

“We have 12000 registered donors with 6000 to 7000 always ready to donate, and the organization’s number is spread at all the hospitals.”

“Finance is a big problem, the cost of running the organization is huge and 70 to 80% of our time is consumed in finding ways to funding our work instead of thinking of the new campaigns. We rely on two principle ways:
  • Selling Blood Brother Bracelets: available in all Malik's bookshop branches!(5000LL per bracelet).
  • An annual evening at Skybar.

We refuse to take money from the patient’s families; instead we ask them spread awareness.”

“We introduced a Mobile Blood Bank that tours Lebanon to collect blood from all the regions. We carried out many blood drives to universities. We now own only one bus but we need 3 to cover the whole country but each bus costs about 60000$ apart from the running cost.We also need volunteers to work on the ground and to help us with the campaigns.”

DSC's Mobile Blood Bank
You can watch DSC's introduction to the Mobile Blood Bank at the following link:

Yorgui wants to change the whole blood donation system in Lebanon because securing blood is important but not sufficient, for that matter he quotes Denis Diderot: “Il ne suffit pas de faire le bien, il faut encore le bien faire”.

Donner Sang Compter, you are doing it right. Keep up the good work and the system will surely change.

Connect with Donner Sang Compter:
03 314 868

Abir Lebbos