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Lebanon is one of the worst countries in the world in terms of treating migrant domestic workers (MDW), often coming from developing countries such as Congo, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Philippines… Racism against these workers has no limit: they could work 80 hours a week, without any rest days and with a disastrous wage surely below minimum wage. Let's not mention the ones that have been killed, raped or tortured.
Yes,I have no doubt that there are some wonderful families that treats MDWs the way they should be treated, but unfortunately statistics show that the majority of Lebanese families do not ensure a minimum respect for them.

On the first of may, I was astonished by a marvelous initiative realized by the NGO INSAN (meaning human in Arabic) that consists of organizing a modeling session in the Yukunkun Club in Gemmayzé. This event restored my faith in humanity, it surely gave MDWs some piece of confidence in a world full of racism and rancor. A Big salute for INSAN’s NGO.

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