Shawarmanji is one of the newest trends in Lebanon, a place where the famous Shawarma is worshiped and treated as well as it deserves.

If you like this Sandwich you will know exactly what I am talking about. Before Shawarmanji, eating a Shawarma was an adventure by itself, some kind of an impossible mission . Few places prepared Shawarma and even fewer were the ones that made it as good as Shawarmanji does.

All Shawarmanji Branches are small and well designed. It is not a typical Lebanese restaurant in contrary it is very similar to the worldwide trends of fast food.When you walk in, you can see clearly that this place is copying McDonald or Burger King. you order you food , pay directly and wait to pick your order (self -serving.)
Food comes wrapped in cartoon boxes and papers, all prepared to match the theme of this place (No glass plates, no steel fork and knife).
The open kitchen gives you an impression on cleanness. The adorable shape of the two "Sikh al Shawarma" chiken and beef prepared in front of you , increase you appetite.

In addition to the original Chicken/ Beef Shawarma Sandwich, Shawarmanji offers a large menu of new inventions:
-Carmalaized Onions BeefManji : Beej Shawarma +BBQ Sauce+ caramelized onion + Coleslaw ( to be honest, I have never tried this shandwish. I am usually a chicken lover when it comes to shawarma)
-Light Style BeefManji : Beef Shawarma+ light yogurt (instead of the garlic paste to make it lighter) + grilled tomato +onions +parsley (very good for the calories counters, not that much delicious but I consider it as acceptable )
-Carmalaized Onions ChickenManji: Chicken Shawarma +BBQ Sauce+ caramelized onion + Coleslaw+ french fries (one of the best! very unpredictable)
-Coleslaw ChickenManji: Chicken Shawarma +Coleslaw+french fries. (this one is served with a different kind of bread, I would have preferred if Shawarmanji used the original Bread, it is more tasty and familiar to us)
-ShakerManji: Shawarnanji master piece. A box of mixed ingredients with a Meyo garlic sauce on the side. served with no bread just to enjoy the unique taste of shawarma.
-CauliFlower: a modest Shandwish of Fried Cauliflower +lettuce+tarator+ french fries.
-FriesManji: a special kind of fries offered with a mixed of tasty spices.

This is what we ordered :)

Shawarmanji's desserts are very delicious as well, my favorite is the Chocolate Halawa.

Shawarmanji is one of the best currently. It offers delicious food with a very good quality.
When it comes to the Price/Quality/Quantity, I feel it hard to judge. All Shawarma rolls are for 5.500 LL in exception of the caramelized and the coleslaw ones  for 6.500 LL.The Cauliflower Sandwish is served for 3500LL .
I find the Shawarma rolls and the cauliflower sandwich prices as acceptable but I am not sure about the ShakerManji. It is served for 10.500LL, which is almost equal to 2 Shawarma rolls.

This place changed the concept of Shawarma and made it more casual. My only objection is with the delivery service. Food comes half the time cold and the service is very slow. I tried more than once to tell Shawarmanji staff about this, but they didn't really show a great concern. In a case when most food places would offer me a dessert to compensate the cold delivery, Shawarmanji staff kept silent.

In no time, this place owned a great reputation and it is now spread all over Beirut with 9 different branches.
  • Hamra: Junction of Main Road, Estrale Center, 01-746546  
  • Ashrafieh: Hekmeh Main Door :01-334934  
  • Sin El Fil: Main Street: 01-488455
  • Zalka: Main Highway: 04-721922
  • Kaslik: Main Highway: 09-222344  
  • Badaro: Adlieh, Damascus Street: 01-616888
  • Elissar: 04-928301
  • Verdun: 01-801399
  •  Le Mall Dbayeh: 04-523876
Shawarmanji, you have earned a rating of  3.25 stars.