Dear Lebanese girl, As your future is very important to us, and even though it's too late this year, we present you the 10 must have tips to participate in Miss Lebanon and have the chance to win the easiest half a million dollars in your life.

1-If your height is less than 170 cm and you weigh more than 60KG dont even think about it ( unless you grow some weightless bones and loose some unnecessary calories ). The taller and thinner you are, the better chances you've got !

2- Preferably a student of the following universities: aub, lau, usj and balamand: after all we have an image to maintain 

3- Your hobbies list should include two or three of the following activities : dancing , traveling, diving, horse riding, tennis ,bungee jumping and golf. P.S.: charity works in your free time and reading are a must. Don't panic they're not that difficult to achieve, just forget ur make up sessions 2 days before the competition and act like you read 2 books a month and sign up online to an charity or a NGO. ( Make sure you google some new releases and authors before you go on stage; dont worry it won't take much to memorize)

4- Act like a diva and a top model. You know that you are the prettiest girl in the country , everyone tells it to you many times a day: your mom, your boyfriend and you bffs.

5- A 3-cm wide smile has to be on your face all the time. The panties are too tight? We dont care, smile. Something stuck in your shoe, forget abt that and smile Your fiance just dumped you, smile.

6- Don't look too smart, it decreases your hotness level: no matter what degree you have or what major you study, make sure not to sound so bright. Remember, you'll only be accepted for your beauty (or if you know someone powerful #wasta) and you don't need any medical, literary or economical achievement )

7-Improvisation: make us feel like everything you do is planned ahead. You tripped while walking in ur dress? well u did that on purpose to make us feel that even her holy queen trips, its ok.

8- How to answer the jury' s questions:
a- Look like you actually listened and understood the question
b- If you want tome to think, ask her to repeat the question (but its highly NOT recommended)
c- Answer beyond reality answers (because guess what? No one really cares about what u say! Remember you are here because you are beautiful).
e- Make sure to mention peace and love at least twice in your answer

9- Be friendly: if u were lucky enough and reach the three finalists, always hold your fellow ladies' hands and act as if you know them since long ago. Even if u wanna snap her head in two. And if you lose the title, don't be sad. Remember that you are all beautiful and worthy, besides, what matters the most is the inner beauty.

10- At last, if you happen to win and even if you knew it before, exaggerate your very happy and 'oh my God I don't believe it' feelings and reactions, tears are a must, also hugging the first runner-up and the ex-queen.

There it is, you have it all! The key to your crown! Have some faith and start practicing

                                                                                                                                Moustafa and Abir