Once again, I fall in the trap of a good trailer and the big names of actors that I like. For me, “Before I go to Sleep” was the new Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth movie, presented with a thrilling trailer. 

The reality is that the movie was a big disappointment and waste of time.

The not very successful film is based on a very successful and bestseller novel by S.J. Watson of the same name; it tells the story of Christine Lucas, a woman who suffers from amnesia and can only remember the events of one day duration. The director reminds you of this fact every five minutes, like the whole book only contains this idea.

His approach to the movie is like an amateur who either comprehended the story to the point of being unable to explain it to the viewer, either doesn’t have any clue about it. The characters development is far from convincing, but who is to be blamed? The director, the script writer, the actors…? I think that the actors did the best that they can do and they delivered fair performances.

Filmmakers and producers are making big mistakes by turning every bestseller novel into a movie. Some stories are very complicated to film and require a huge talent and patience from the script writer and director (think about Cloud Atlas).

“Before I go to sleep” is a forgettable movie that should have been kept on paper.  

Rating: 1/5

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