Lucy 3.5/5

Luc Besson is by far one of the most entertaining writers and directors today. From The Fifth Element, to Leon: the Profeesional, Taxi, Taken and many other, his movies never fail to attract action lovers, but also never fail to introduce good ideas, simple emotions and a wide imagination. His latest movie, Lucy, fits perfectly into this description.

Lucy builds its story around the widely known myth* that humans use only 10% of their brain and imagines what could happen if a human used his full brain capacity.
The movie starts slowly and becomes faster as the events unfold and in the end unstoppable when the idea is fully developed. The director/writer doesn’t leave you unsatisfied; on the contrary, he stretches his imagination and gives you a fulfilling closure, and that is what I liked the most in this film.

Scarlett Johansson delivers a straight to the point performance. The intelligence and self-existence awareness evolutions of Lucy convinced me: her fear and ignorance at the beginning, struggle and adjustment in the middle of the crisis and the peace and acceptance at the end when she reaches the ultimate knowledge and enlightenment.

 Lucy might not be a perfect movie, but it’s surely entertaining, fun, witty and daring. When it ended I couldn’t keep the smile out of my face and I felt definitely more curious about life.

*Many scientists refute this theory and new studies on brain damage prove it wrong.
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