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The first question you face when you decide to marry is “And do you have a house?”
 After being asked this same question from all your family, friends, and coworkers you begin to conflict marrying with possessing a house and at some point you may also think they are synonyms.
A “Yes” answer will not truly release you from the interrogation “Where your house is located? What is the area? How old is the building? Is it accessible by “service”? But it will keep you safe.
However, a “NO” answer will make you doomed. They will look at you examining your full length making sure you are not abnormal or drunk and they will shoot their inevitable question “So when are you going to buy a house?”
Here you have two options:

          -A No answer:

 If by any means, you are courageous enough to reply by “well, we are not planning to buy one. We will rent one.” You will see their mouths drop and their eyes fill with pity. In addition, they will start giving you advices about how much it is important to buy a house and how much insecure you may feel and how renting a house is a total waste of money.
They will give you endless “mou7adarat” about the house-Theory regardless the reasons behind your decision.
They forgot that you may not be able to provide the needed amount of money and you may not be willing to be under debt. They forgot that your salary may be under 1000$ and your parents are unable to help you and that you may be fighting financially to survive. They forgot that houses are very expensive and that their prices are increasing with time.  They forget that they inherit you a corrupted and unstable country. They forget all these details and they insist on you to buy a house.

        -A YES answer:

This answer will save lots of the talk. However, you will fall on the trap of another question “how many bed rooms you want?”

Deciding to buy a house with only two or three bedrooms is still acceptable although some years ago it was not. Unfortunately, the huge increase in the apartment prices forces our dear society especially our families to accept it.

However, deciding to buy a house with one bedroom is very unacceptable. Despite all your efforts to assure them that this only a stage house, that once you decided to have kids you will try to move to a bigger house, that actually you cannot buy a bigger house and that you don’t find any real reason behind such bargain you will not convince them.

Seriously, go now to your parents and tell them you are planning to buy a small house of 35m2 and see what they would say!

So before deciding to marry I would say it is better if you find the right answer to “And do you have a house?” and get ready for all the talk that comes after it :D

Rihab Sebaaly