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First let me clarify one thing "I am neither a Brazilian fan nor a German one."

Second I would like to congratulate Germany for the spectacular win yesterday against Brazil in the world cup semi-finals, and congratulate Miroslave Klose for breaking Ronaldo’s record.

Klose is indeed a very good player. However, I don't agree on the statements that followed yesterday's game “Klose beat Ronaldo. Kolse is way better than Ronaldo etc….”
Regardless the number of goals scored by Klose in world cup competitions, Ronaldo is still way better than Kolse. Let’s just check the goals scored by both of them in WC and you will notice the difference.

It is very clear that Ronaldo has a better technique and control than Kolse. Just look at his dribble!
Kolse only chooses a good position and makes one little touch profiting from his big body to score.  

Once again congratulations to Klose.  But this will not change the fact that " Ronaldo is the player to watch."

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