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France vs. Germany

In the first round, France showed a spectacular football performance beating Honduras (3-0) and Switzerland (5-2) in the first two matches. The players showed a wonderful team spirit, and the performance of Benzema, Valbuena and the amazing 21 year old Juventus player Paul Pogba was very special. 

French were a bit weak in their third match against Ecuador. They didn’t score any goal although they had many shots. Probably because the qualification was secured and Didier Deshamps chose to rest some players like Valbuena.
In their game against Nigeria in the second round, they had difficulty in scoring in the first half due to the combination GIROUD, BENZEMA. The coach took a very good decision by replacing Giroud by Griezman and they scored two goals. Concerning Germans, they performed a beautiful show in their first match against Portuguese beating them 4-0 (not to forget that Portugal played with 10 players), their performance against Ghana and USA was weak; Ghana was pretty close from surprising us.

In the second round, they faced the tough Algerian team and they won 2-1 in the additional time. The Algerians were fighting hard and playing a very good football, the Germans showed good performance in their second half while showing at the same time clear defensive gaps. In my opinion, the game between France and Germany will end in the official time by a draw of 1-1 and I won’t be surprised at all if France won.

Brazil vs. Colombia

The performance of Brazilian team in this world cup was poor. With the shining star Neymar and some arbitrary errors, the Brazilians had barely pass to the second round. Until now, they did not impress me at all. Their performance against Chili in the second round was also poor; they were a bit lucky in this game, and thanks to the brilliant goal Julio Cesar keeper they were saved in the penalty shots. The Colombians were impressive, they won easily all their matches even without their greatest player Radamel Falcao. However let us be authentic, they didn’t face any real opponent (Japan, Cote d’Ivoire, Greece and Uruguay without Suarez). In my opinion, this game will end in the official time by a draw of 1-1.
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