I wonder what made you read this article. Which word attracted you more? Sex or Chocolate?
If you are a man, it is very probable that the word Sex is the one that attracted you most but wait to hear that "if you are a woman, the word Chocolate is the one that has more chances to gain your attention ".

According to the results of a survey by Harris Interactive, most french women prefer to eat a gourmet dinner over having sex. 74% of the surveyed women prefer food over sex while only 15% of the surveyed men have this same priority.

A similar survey that targeted British women, ended up concluding that British women prefer Tea over Sex. "Being made a cup of Tea by your partner" is considered as a big romantic sign and it took the 4th place in the list of " things that make you feel appreciated in a relationship". We don't need to guess that British men don't share this same affection like their women, for them tea comes on the 14th place.

This makes me wonder from where this passion of food comes? Do women prefer eating than making love because the pleasure of the first is guaranteed while the succeed of the second depends on their partner? or Do they see food as a tempting target because they pay for it while a small effort can lead them to a "romantic" involvement?

These results reflect the great difference between women and men. This story of different perspectives of life and love that has caused and is still causing a lot of problems.

This is the moment, when we ask ourselves  the same question: " Sex or Food?"