No excuse is acceptable. No explanation is valid. 
The sad truth is that our beloved deputies really don't care about our rights. Our fine delegates, who did a great job in their first term and well deserved its extension, certainly didn't care about women rights. 
But if they don't care, it's our responsibility to make them care. It’s our obligation to take control and prove that we are worthy of a country. After all, it is the citizens of Lebanon, his women and men, who elected them and it is us who shall "judge" them. 
History taught us that no country can progress without the freedom and equality of all its citizens. How could we build a developed and modern society when women are beaten until death and the criminals wander our streets free and safe? 
Sweet words are not enough to bring the death into life, to give the orphans the mother they lost, to wipe away years of suffering and abuse. 
Each woman we know, deserves our support and protection. Each woman we know, deserves one hour of our time!
Join us on Saturday 8 March at 2pm at Mathaf to demand our rights for a better life and to remind the parliament that his duty is to protect the people by legislating modern laws that insure the equality and justice for everyone. Join us so that the list of shame which now includes 128 names would not include 4 million names.
Abir Lebbos