I often prejudge an action movie as being very predictable and unchallenging. I must admit that it is not actually my favorite genre, but due to many recommendations, I watched Non-Stop and even though I quiet enjoyed it, I have some issues that I need to share.

Non-stop is a fun movie to watch, it does not bore you but at the same time does not offer you anything new.

One of the clearest weaknesses of this movie is the unfinished cycle of accusations. This very predictable step to make us doubt certain characters, then turn them out to be innocent became very annoying at some point.

Moreover, speaking about the plot, I have to mention the insufficient way in which the different motives of the crime were explained.

The key in this kind of movies is that the audience must be intimidated by the bad guy and intrigued to reveal his mystery. He must believe the threat in order to root for the good guy. It was not the case here, the bad people were simply not challenging enough and the story behind their actions was not convincing or profoundly treated, but despite that, you’ll like the action that this movie offers.

Also, there is something about Liam Neeson that attracts me enough to tolerate this kind of movies. He is just so pleasant to watch and very charismatic.

In conclusion, if you have some time to spare and could not find another movie that interests you, you can watch Non-Stop and have some instant fun.

Rating: 3/5