Have you ever tried the French cuisine? Have you experienced its perfection? If so, you will understand this review because this movie is like a French dish. 

Every scene, every flash of an eye, every drop of blood and every word were deeply and profoundly studied to create a perfect successor to the movie that caught the hearts of millions all over the world. This movie is neither a sequel nor a prequel to "300", it is both at the same time.
It starts with "The battle of Marathon" when Themistocles a Greek soldier killed King Darius of Persia in front of his son Xerxes. Seeking revenge, Xerxes came back to Greece years after declaring war. With the huge Persian fleet led by Artemisia threatening all the Greek, Themistocles asked the council to unit and sought the help of Sparta. The Spartans refused his request and King Leonidas marched to the war with his 300 brave soldiers. Armed by the promise of freedom and a united country, the Greek fleet fought the Persians bravely. But when the Persian seemed to end the war to their favor, Themistocles already knew that the 300 Spartans were dead and sought the help of Queen Gorgo of Sparta asking her to revenge her beloved king.

This movie is a great watch; it takes you back thousands of years, to the era of the great warriors. The director Naom Murro manages to create the perfect atmosphere and I felt completely taken for 102 minutes. All the characters were well-developed and perfectly casted. Eva Green was excellent playing Artemisia; I can even say that she surprised me. 

I enjoyed this movie although I am not really a fan of 300. I had a tough time watching the killing scenes but I admit that they served the large scheme perfectly. 

Like French dishes, this movie is very well done, it is perfect BUT it is not the kind of 
movies that I, personally, crave to see.

Rating: 3.5/5