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After choosing to stay in Lebanon despite a generous Chinese offer last year, 35-year-old Fadi El Khatib, aka the Tiger, chose to move to Foshan Long Lions, China, with a deal that is estimated to 500 000 USD.
Khatib has made this choice after witnessing the Lebanese basketball’s downfall. He regretted not taking foreign chances earlier. It would have greatly improved its career.

Picture: Via The Daily Star

Fadi El Khatib is not the first to make this move. Rony Fahd played 2 years with Tianjin Ronggang, and Sabah Khoury played with Qingdao, as reported by Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star. Khatib is believed to return to the Lebanese League to participate in the playoffs. 
According to The Daily Star, Khatib has undergone a medical test in China and will be joining his team in 2 weeks.
I hope this piece of news and the desperation of many players will push basketball decision makers to finally give to basketball what it really deserves: independence from politics, financial support and chances to shine worldwide.

Best of luck Fadi! 祝贺你!
Pascale Asmar