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Film series are very common and they are a clever way to build a loyal audience who will always pay to watch the characters he likes. Yet, in order to captivate this audience again and again, a filmmakers must keep him interested or entertained. Neither one of these two conditions applies to Step Up, especially to “Step Up All In”, the last movie of the series.


“Step Up All In” was supposed to bring together all the actors and dancers from the previous movies, an idea that seemed relatively promising. Unfortunately, the name was misleading and the movie turned out to be a complete disaster.


Remaking the same simple idea 5 times and keeping it interesting is impossible. The story felt forced and all the situations that should have been a turning point in the scenario were trivial and disappointing; also, with no significant plot and no dialogue, the acting seemed immature and childish.

As for the dance and the choreographic, they did not step up to the ones presented in the previous films; and although there were some good moves and routines sometimes, they are not worth the time and money.


On another hand, the chemistry between the leading actors which is a key factor for the success of this kind of movies (think about Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum in the first movie) was absent in this case. Undeniably, the actors are beautiful and everything but they lack the charisma and personality.

Step Up All In is the last movie from this series that I will be watching.   

Abir Lebbos