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I am in love with Game of thrones.
If I forgot the reality that all my favorite characters except the Imp were killed , I can say  that "I have enjoyed till now every single moment of this series".
Every time a new character is added , I google his name to see how he/she looks in real life, and it is always a great Surprise!
Just be my guest and have a look.

Sansa Stark
Actress: Sophie Turner.
Who would thought that little Sansa may turn out to be very beautiful and attractive?

Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)
Actor: Aidan Gillen
Honeslty, he looks better in GOT.

Jaime Lannister
Actor: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
Lets drop the fact that he sleeps with his sister, I find him one of the most adorable characters and he is very handsome :)

Rob Stark
Actor: Richard Madden
It is hard to remember Rob without feeling some sorrow. Would I be very rude if I said that I didn't like him from the beginning?

 Cersei Lannister
Actress: Lena Headey
Dear Cersi, I just hate you :P

 Tyrion Lannister: The Imp
Actor: Peter Dinklage
My favorite character.

 Daenerys Targaryen: Mother of dragons
Actress: Emilia Clarke
I used to love Daenerys in the first 3 seasons,I am not quite sure anymore!

 Joffrey Baratheon
Actor: Jack Gleeson
So, you know how to smile after all?

Ned Stark
Actor: Sean Bean
It 's been two years, and I can't believe you actually died! Still waiting for a black magic or something to bring you back.

 Brienne of Tarth
 Actress: Gwendoline Christie.