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Lebanon made it to the 6th position in the “ 9 places you absolutely, positively must see before you die 

The ranking was suggested by the Huffington Post’s Facebook fans to celebrate the 9th birthday of the newspaper. The article features a picture of the Saint Paul cathedral in Harissa. According to one of the fans, Susan Latuga, "this is where my grandparents were born. My parents never had a chance to go before they passed away so it is my dream to walk where my roots are”.

Despite this piece of good news that re-pinned Lebanon on the international map of the most touristic countries – which is a glimpse of hope for the suffering and tormented country –, a fatal error was reported in the Canadian version of the same newspaper (“9 lieux à voir ABSOLUMENT avantde mourir”): Lebanon was translated into “Libya”, instead of “Liban”.

This “confusion” is one of many others, occurring in highly professional news providers. In 2011, for example, CNN mistook Tripoli, Lebanon for another Tripoli, the capital of Libya. The picture below says it all:

Such “confusions” might be seen as innocent errors at first, resulting from similarities in names and sounds. You may call it slip of a tongue or an innocent mistake, but in the information era, such errors are considered deadly sins… 
 Pascale Asmar