Who didn't love Barbie? Who doesn't miss her?

When I was a kid, Barbie was a dream; everything related to her was so beautiful and well designed. I needed years to discover what lies behind her.

Barbie, this beautiful girl we used to be in love with, was a bad ideal or to be more fair an unrealistic one. 

Barbie does not only promote a false body image for girls who unwillingly try to copy her and end up anorexic, she is also very obsessed with her clothing and accessories; she hates math , finds it very tough and likes to do shopping.

However, what I really hate the most about Barbie is that she wears make up!
Finally, a sketch of Barbie without make up was created and for the first time she looks a bit realistic.

I do not want my daughter to look, wear or think like Barbie. I prefer smart beautiful girls who know how to dress, manage their looks and stay natural.
So next time you think about buying a Barbie (and I know how attractive she looks) remember that behind this divine face a dangerous message is hiding.