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"On May 3rd, Georges Massaad, a Lebanese guy from Zahleh, got married to his partner, Renek Jorgenson, in San Francisco. George’s parents attended the wedding to give him their blessings, while his dad carried him on his shoulders to dance (Lebanese style). Congrats w 3a 2bel el 3ayzeen!" 
Source Beirut gay blog.

Two days ago when I first heard about this marriage, I didn't really believe it!  Who would?
Who can believe that a Lebanese man got married to another man and his parents attended the marriage and gave their blessings?

George, you are very lucky to have such a family. They loved you and accepted you without conditions.
Now they will be facing this society and treated as contagious.
Now they will be asked to feel ashamed for having such a son and accepting such a marriage.
The war just began!

George Massaad and Renek Jorgenson are now Husband and Husband by the name of law, by the name of love and by the name of freedom.

George didn't commit any crime by marrying his lover, we do a crime when we deny someone's right to marry, or to have a decent life. This marriage didn't affect anyone of us and it brought happiness to these two men.

To all those who think that this marriage is disgusting, that gay people should seek and hide,and  that "these creatures" who are "against nature" should live in the shadow, I want to say "Nobody can force you to accept gays but please let them live!"