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A huge number of women all around the world are the victims of injustice, of social and moral constraints and of religious systems. They are either living in a jail or used in marketing!

In Iran, it is illegal for a woman to be in public without wearing the Hijab. This rule in clothing is not only forced by "the morality police but also out of consideration for family, and the fear of being questioning by others". 

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian Journalist who left Iran in 2009 to pursue her studies in UK started a campaign "Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian women" by posting her photo driving a car without wearing The Hijab.

The Facebook page owned by MS. Alinejab shares the photos of Iranian women without wearing Hijab in public places "I was sure that most Iranian women who don’t believe in the forced Hijab have enjoyed freedom in secret, so I asked them if they wished to share this moment of stealth freedom."

The Photos shared on facebook were captioned by expressions that show a great need for freedom and reflect the deep sufferings of these women.

"Blowing of the wind through their hair is my nation's girls dream"

"After a few years of being away from my nation, I stepped on its vast plains again; not stealthily though. Hoping for the day when all my nation’s women can taste freedom with their whole bodies and souls"

"It is not easy at all to be called a whore just because you do not wear Hijab! and then even get beaten and be given a detention!
It is not easy to have to experience all the good feelings stealthily."

Being with or against Hijab is not the question!
Everyone should have the right to decide what to wear, nothing should be legislated or enforced on women. The freedom of choice is a sacred right and it should not be questioned.