CBJ is one of the places that you cannot visit only once, because the moment you cross its doorstep, you will fall upon its spell.
It is not an ordinary restaurant with a large menu of tasty burgers. It is a place where you feel home. The staff is always very nice and welcoming, the atmosphere is very warm and happiness is spread all over the faces as if they sell you smiles with each burger J

I have tried almost all CBJ Burgers, and my top two are “Swiss and Mushroom Burger” and “Juicy Lucy Burger”. Every burger is served with coleslaw or green salad and French fries and wait to hear that the “french fries refill is for FREE”.
CBJ Menu is very rich and it offers a variety for all tastes. So do not worry if you are a vegetarian, a red meat lover or a white meat lover, you will find your request. And for those who count their calories all the day long, CBJ offers you a very tasty Diet Burger (believe me it is very yummy, I’ve tried once).
I find CBJ as one of the best places to enjoy burgers, and I am very happy to know that a Lebanese young man is the owner of this place. Seeing new good running business is always hopeful and pleasant.
CBJ has seven branches in Lebanon: Jal Al Dib, Le Mall Dbayeh, Sodeko, Hamra, Kfardebian, Zaitunay Bay, DT Beirut, and two branches in Kuwait.
If you did not try Classic Burger yet, HURRY UP!
Rating: 5/5