If you are one of those who believe that money buys life and happiness, this is a movie that you really need to watch. However, if you don't change your mind afterwards, I advise you to reconsider your priorities.

The movie is based on the true life of Jordan Belfor, a broker who made a big fortune by tricking and steeling, then lost it when a decent FBI agent uncovered his corruption and crimes.
Now, even though you may be taken aback at first by the film’s length (the running time of the uncut version is three hours), but the scenes flow simply and easily. After all, the great Martin Scorsese will never bore you, for he is a master in his craft. The scenario and tempo are like a periodic function, ascending and descending on time, never failing to entertain you and keep you interested and alerted.
His story takes you behind the scenes of the money world where everyone wants to be a billionaire no matter how. You see how it is easy to come over morals and to betray yourself just for the promise of fortune.

The movie is full of sex scenes, drug abuse and wild parties, all of them are very crucial and necessary to show the lifestyle of the people involved and understand their actions and greed.
I felt no sympathy towards any of the characters; on the contrary, I waited for them to fall and was extremely happy when they did. The FBI detective was the only one I was rooting for and wishing that he would achieve his goals.
That, I know, is due to the great acting of everyone involved. The cast is perfectly chosen; each actor is placed in the right role, especially Leonardo DiCaprio who never disappoints. He gives a fearless, strong and precise performance in a role in which an actor may exaggerate and over-perform.   
If you love cinema, do not miss this movie.

Rating: 4.5/5