I used to think that my mother has the cure for every pain! Seriously, she always has the right prescription:

Rassik 3am youwja3ik è PANADOLE
Gripe and fever èAdvil
Waja3 zle3im èAntibiotics
Last and not least: Nausea è MOTILLIUM

Who really needs to go to a doctor and pay 100 000LL to get a prescription when you can simply ask your mother, neighbor or friend then go to any pharmacy and buy the 
medicine you need?
Why to ask a doctor when everyone has a virtual certificate in medicine?

Today, I had to face a tough reality: “my mother is not a doctor! “

Motillium is now under suspicion, and who knows what other medicine may turn out to be risky in the future. Did you ever consider how dangerous a drug combination might be?

The least we can do is to refer to a “real doctor”.Pharmacies are not goodies stores!

Remember: "fik tkhater w tes2al mjareb, bas a7sanlak tes2al hakim".