“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.” 

I have watched this movie so many times and it's easily one of my favorites.

The plot, based on a graphic novel by Alain Moore, is set in the near future, where Grand Britain is ruled by a totalitarian regime. Its leader came to power after a series of unfortunate events that killed thousands of people and left many victims. “V”, one of the victims, did not surrender to his fate but he was determined to take his revenge at all costs.

While executing his first mission, “V” met Evey, a vulnerable woman who was living behind the shadows, giving up to the system and not seeking any change. As “V” changes Evey’s perspective, you change your own. You evolve from a simple spectator to a thinking spectator.
Even if you adopted V’s point of view or not, you cannot but feel moved especially when it comes to the methods he used to awaken Evey. 

You can’t help but feel their emotions and understand their motives and that would not be possible without the great mis-en-scène of the director James McTeigue and the adaptation of the Wachowskies known for the Matrix trilogy. Even though the movie is different from the original graphic novel, it still influences you, with the help of the amazing performances by the actors.

Hugo Weaving is fearless in his portrayal that you forget that V is a masked character.Natalie Portman is very convincing in showing the evolution of her character.

In a way, Evey reflects the message that this film wants to share: you are not helpless; you can change the injustice to justice. Each one of us has the power to influence others but we should just find the way to do it.

V is a not your usual type of heroes. He's an eccentric freedom fighter, who does not only want to change the political system and get his vendetta, but who is keen to change the way of thinking of the mass by injecting interesting references and ideas.

And for that, V for Vendetta is one of the greatest movies.